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    How to create shortcuts for movies?

    Hey guys i own an asus transformer but i bought my little girls a cheapy ebay 7" tablet running 2.2 just for them to watch movies on ect. I have tried it out and for the kids its fantastic they can sit on the couch and watch a movie and be nice and quite.....ahhh peace. But to make it a bit...
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    cheap Chinese android3.0 tablet unveil

    so its a cheapy made knock off but almost same price as a transformer
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    Anyone got a mouse to work with android yet?

    Hey guys i have an asus transformer and remember reading in my many many searches that i would be able to use a mouse with my tablet, which would make things hella easier when remote desktopping. I have found one which i think will suit well as its quite thin, wireless and very portable with my...
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    Good apps for honeycomb

    Just thought this forum is a bit dead so this might bring a bit of life hopefully. This is a thread to let people know about some good apps that work with honeycomb and any descent tablets. tablet keyboard...
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    Getting digital movies onto tablet

    Guys im waiting for my asus transformer to arrive only the 16gb, now i dont want to store all movies on the device i would rather have them on a usb stick or sd card and put them in when i want to watch one. Question is i have dozens of bluray movies which came with digital copies, i have no...
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    Am i making the right choice?

    Hey guys finally found a good forum based purely on android tablets so this is probably the best place to ask. I have been wanting a tablet for a while now and managed to hold my self back from buying a cheapy zenithink and hold off for the asus units which have just been released, but i want to...