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    [ROM] Elocity A7+ "EviLocity v1.0" Android 2.2 rooted rom.

    ROM EviLocity 1.0 Android 2.2 Rabid ROM ----- Elocity A7+ ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Main features: - Fully rooted with proper edit to boot.img for in the default.prop -...
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    [ROM] UberNova ROM Beta 0.1 fo the Pandigital Supernova 8"

    I have released the first beta for my Ubernova ROM on Slatedroid. It is based off the latest stock 2.3.4 with the default.prop set properly for full ADB, some system and visual tweaks, stripped of all the bloat and proprietary firmware. It still had issue with pre-rooting the image, no matter...
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    Gemini Hands On Review and Comparison

    Sorry Folks, this one is a little long I decide after getting my Skytex Skypad Gemini that instead of just a review I would do a performance comparison to a couple other similar tablets within the price range. I decided on the Zeki 7 " TB782B for one and the Zenithink ZT282 C71...
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    Zenithink 7" ZT280 Upgrade/ZT282 E8_1N ICS Custom Rabid ROM

    WARNING - AS with ALL custom ROMS you assume all responsibility by flashing this firmware. This is a ROM with some build.prop and WiFi tweaks based off the stock 0709 release. The ROM has been de-odexed. I did not delete any bloat or add any apps. I wanted a full working ROM for everyone to...
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    Gemini and Protos

    I will be getting the Gemini here in a few days. I am going to do a review plus a side by side comparison to the Zeki 7" and a Cortex A9 7" ZT282. When MY Protos gets here I will do a review for it in the other forum as well.
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    Installing new internal MicroSd on Kyros 1024_N

    I used the vieo down below as a guide, as I am sur a lot of people have. But I noticed that you could see the little hole in the case where he used the compass point to sart the clips. I check out the case and ended up using a guitar pick to sart on the left hand side of the empty microsd slot...
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    Init.d support

    Is there a way to tell if your kernel supports init.d? I have read that anything 2.2 and up does, then I read it has to be added. Maybe a terminal command to check?
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    GingerLF Vs GingerLF Evo

    I figured I would start this thread as it pertains to both ROMS. First a question for lfom. Is there any real difference between these two ROMs or is it more cosmetic? I ask because Evo does slightly better (only 10pts average) on DeviceMark, and CPU Bench ( about 15MS avg), not big numbers...