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    Le Pan Tablet freezing when using Pinterest App

    Have you tried doing a factory rest from recovery, or if you are rooted download a cache cleaner then re-install the app.
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    Root Toshiba Excite 10 tablet ? (4.0->3.0 ?)

    Right now there is no root for the Excite as the bootloader is locked. Unless Toshiba releases a unlocker it may be awhile.
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    Jellybean R3 For 1024n by :NAMKO

    I posted links to some tools in your other post. I can't promise but if I get time I will take a look at editing it in the boot.img, which I think in this case is the zImage file. By editing it correctly you will have full adb access to the tablet.
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    Editing The Default.prop

    here are some Linux tools - download1 download2
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    Jellybean R3 For 1024n by :NAMKO

    See my statements above, not a daily driver yet but a solid beta. But it recognized my 32GB internal and formatted it no problem. The ROM is a GB ROM for the Skytex Alpha 2. A lot of people wanted to go back after the ICS upgrade so I made a couple versions.
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    Jellybean R3 For 1024n by :NAMKO

    I got it installed but it definitely has a few more issues. What I have found so far - No WiFi - scans forever then shuts down Capacitive buttons very slow and unresponsive System shut down randomly default prop is set to ro.allow.mock.location=0 ro.debuggable=0...
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    [ROM] Elocity A7+ "EviLocity v1.0" Android 2.2 rooted rom.

    ROM EviLocity 1.0 Android 2.2 Rabid ROM ----- Elocity A7+ ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Main features: - Fully rooted with proper edit to boot.img for in the default.prop -...
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    Jellybean R3 For 1024n by :NAMKO

    Definitely. I have a ROM with almost 1200 downloads now and not 1 comment critical or otherwise. No news may be good news, but it is also frustrating.
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    Jellybean R3 For 1024n by :NAMKO

    am downloading it now....:cool:
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    [ROM] UberNova ROM Beta 0.1 fo the Pandigital Supernova 8"

    I have released the first beta for my Ubernova ROM on Slatedroid. It is based off the latest stock 2.3.4 with the default.prop set properly for full ADB, some system and visual tweaks, stripped of all the bloat and proprietary firmware. It still had issue with pre-rooting the image, no matter...
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    Welcome to the SKYPAD Gemini Forum!

    The best way to load Livesuit is to first run Livesuit, get to the )% screen after choosing an image. Then power up the tablet by pressing and holding volume +, then insert the usb plug. Once you insert the USB plug press the power buttons a couple of times and it will prompt you to install the...
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    ZEKI TB782B 7" Tablet

    Looks interesting, but I am waiting until Zeki releases a stock firmware to go back to, if there is a problem. I have one that would easily be recovered with stock firmware, but they want me to ship it back and replace it. So could be waiting a long time.
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    Gemini Hands On Review and Comparison

    Sorry Folks, this one is a little long I decide after getting my Skytex Skypad Gemini that instead of just a review I would do a performance comparison to a couple other similar tablets within the price range. I decided on the Zeki 7 " TB782B for one and the Zenithink ZT282 C71...
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    Zenithink 7" ZT280 Upgrade/ZT282 E8_1N ICS Custom Rabid ROM

    WARNING - AS with ALL custom ROMS you assume all responsibility by flashing this firmware. This is a ROM with some build.prop and WiFi tweaks based off the stock 0709 release. The ROM has been de-odexed. I did not delete any bloat or add any apps. I wanted a full working ROM for everyone to...
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    Gemini and Protos

    I will be getting the Gemini here in a few days. I am going to do a review plus a side by side comparison to the Zeki 7" and a Cortex A9 7" ZT282. When MY Protos gets here I will do a review for it in the other forum as well.
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    HDMI TO Normal Tv? i want it desperately

    If your TV does YPbPr composite or S-video there are converters. If it only does straight RCA then I don't think so.
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    Restoring my android tablet 1024

    If it says infotmic it isn't a 1024.
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    ZEKI TB782B 7" Tablet

    Build prop and some WiFi. Basically some media setting, I don't really use Play so I don't worry about changing the identifiers for compatability and right now it doesn;t seem to need anything. It overclocks nice so I may just play around with some visual stuff.
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    ZEKI TB782B 7" Tablet

    So far so good with this tablet. Zeki customer services, well the company they hired for customer service, basically sucks. The person on the phone has no clue about the tablet except what they read off the sheet in front of them. Kind of typical for a cheaper tablet. But out of the box Netflix...