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    Arnova 10 (1.1.7 firmware) - streaming video

    Hi, who has got his to work? I want to stream from a SMB (or DLNA/PNP) share, without copying the .avi/.xvid etc file locally, to some video player on the Arnova. I tried ES Explorerer and File Expert - these work fine to access my SMB shares. ES Explorer can play the video files by first...
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    Bluetooth tethering problem Archos 70 - Nokia E71

    Hi, has anybody got this to work? Bluetooth tethering works fine from my laptop to the E71. DUN profile just says "*99#" as number to dial, plus a login (that can be a random string I think), no password. This works fine. Now the Archos 70 is a different story. Bluetooth level says "paired but...
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    Weird Google Market behaviour

    My setup is Archos 70 / 250GB, latest 2.0.71 firmware reinstalled from scratch, Google Market fix from gAppsInstaller - Froyo - xda-developers. 1. Before I reinstalled (running Android 2.2.1 upgraded from 2.1 and same market fix) I could find Google Maps and Google Voicesearch in the market. Now...