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    Zenithink ZT180 Support Links

    in earlier posts windows was talked about and sp2 how to I get this onto a zt180?
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    Windows CE?

    How do you do the above? Thanks
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    how to put win 7 on epad/apad zenithink? Please help

    How do I get windows 7 on zenithink pad and does it affect the battery life of the tablet or performance ie does it run but so slowly that you have time to make a sandwich in between tasks? Someone has already succeeded in doing this but I am too much of a newbie to follow what was done in...
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    Help Please : Windows 7 drivers for aPad /ePad/cheapPad

    Hi, I know this post was started awhile ago but please help. I am a complete beginner and have ordered the same thing, a zenithink of ebay. Please help. Things like 'when I connected it to win 7' do you mean you put the install disk in a cdrom drive attached the the tablet? I basically need a...