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    How to Get Warranty Repairs?

    Hi people, My Memo pad touch-system has been getting worse and worse. At first I thought it might just be the netflix app as their programming is pretty awful at best. However this morning is was using a note book app and had the same issue. To get the touch to work each time I have to reorient...
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    Anyone Using Miracast Compatible Dongles?

    Hi All, I bought an iPazzPort_Cast dongle for 25-bucks. I followed the onscreen instructions and get it to connect to my PC and I can see pics and video files from the PC on my TV, but neither mode (DLNA/Miracast) will work with the HD7. I have not found a Miracast app in the Play store but...
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    Any successful Roots?

    Hi, this probably should go in the new "Asus MeMO Pad HD7" forum, but thought I would ask here for a wider audience as Roots for other ASUS models may have the HD7 in their list too. I am tired of apps starting themselves up and messing with the video streaming bandwidth. Out in the boonies...
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    Run apps from SD card??

    Hi all, Still liking this HD7 but wonder if there is any way to run apps from the SD card. I have moved a bunch of games and shopping list to the SDcard and other than "Move to Tablet" I cannot see any way to run them. Possible? Thoughts and suggestions? Thanks
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    Win8 Can't See the Memo 7HD

    Hi, Do I need to do anything special for win8 to see the USB cable plugged in? I need to side load some data files from my old Palm Visor. When I plugged the USB cable in, a black block flashed on the screen of the 7HD, but win8 doesn't see anything. The wifi IP connection for the 7HD shows up...
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    Win8 Can't See the Memo 7HD

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    Memo 7HD Dual Band WiFi?

    Hi All, Just got a chromecast, awesome piece of equipment. Software (both Google and Netflix) is still quite buggy both the apps and in the chrome browser and Youtube app, but still an amazing piece of work. It can only get better with firmware updates. I had trouble setting it up as I think...
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    Memo 7HD Dual Band WiFi?

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    Stop Google Taking Over MeMO 7HD

    Hi all, OK, love his thing, but Google is dominating it. If I put it to sleep with no active processes and then wake it back up a few hours later there are 12+ apps running. Using the built in Task Manager, it shows most if not all are Google stuff. All well and good, but this is MY Tablet and...
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    Stop Google Taking Over MeMO 7HD

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    Popup Apps, Android or ASUS Questions?

    Hi All, MeMO 7 HD, loving this thing. Video is a bit jerky compared to a Fire HD, and could probably do with a faster GPU but for $149, it is pretty awesome. Using the "up" arrow on the bottom left of the screen, it slides up a panel with some apps on it. I have figured out how to add and...
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    4.3 Jelly Bean Likely?

    Hi All, Before buying this little gem, there were a lot of rumors flying around back in June and July that 4.3 would be pushed out to the 7HD. Mine is still at 4.2.1 Do I, or will I have to do anything to get 4.3 if/when it is available? Thanks
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    ASUS MeMO 7HD / Android questions

    Hi, just got this gem yesterday and am new to Android, tablets, smart-phones etc. Coming from Windows it looks to be a steep learning curve initially. Problems I have so far. 1: I want to use Firefox as the default browser but I do not get an option to set it. I have searched the "Setup"...