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    SuperPad II internal memory?

    The Alienware has a tiny screen and a Geforce 360M, which isn't bad, but is still handily outclassed by the 5730, not to mention that the i7 will brutally slaughter that Core 2, overclockable or no. Y
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    register code problémes

    contact apple and see if they can help.. there number is on
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    New Superpad User!!!

    I wouldn't get the iPad right now, it is reaching the end of it's lifecycle (released almost a year ago, updated on a yearly schedule), so wait until the new one comes out and reevaluate. And the FlyPad II/SuperPad thing seems really sketchy.
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    help please!!

    Some folks simply use a mirror. You can take a blue high-lighter & color it.
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    send the pics as an MMS to you own E-Mail addres.