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  1. generic3

    Mid wm8650 bricked

    Hello all. I purchased a MID WM8650 and it is "bricked". At least I'm assuming that's what you call it. The power light turns green when you turn it on; it turns red when you plug it in and the green android will show up with the kernel info; but it does nothing else. Please help; I've tried...
  2. generic3

    Help for WM8650 Tablet?

    Hello there. Not sure if you remember me or not. You had given me a few ideas on which tablet to purchase. I did purchase a MID wm8650. There are many things I am trying to do with it; like enable the bluetooth for starters. I have no idea what any of this means; rooting etc. I read in another...
  3. generic3

    100% Newbie to tablets-android

    Hello all!! Although I have many years of computer and other gadgets I have just recently stumbled upon both androids and the tablet scene. I ordered a MID8650 2.2 from ebay and it should be in tomorrow. I'm looking forward to playing with it and am pleased to have found this cool informative...
  4. generic3

    Complete Newbie all around

    Hello all. I am soo happy i found this website after discovering android tablets. I am 100% new to android as well as the tablet scene. I have ordered this particular tablet from ebay and it should be here any day...