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  1. stratguy

    Micro SD or SDHC

    Hi guys, I just wanted to jump in and try to start contributing to a wonderful forum. In case you don't know me it's because I'm a pretty new member here as well as a new Android Tablet owner I have the Acer Iconia A500 32 Tab:-) So as far as a good fast sdhc class 10 card I just ordered this...
  2. stratguy

    Can Apps Be Re-Downloaded?

    Howdy Spider, thanks a bunch! As far as backing up that probably was going to be my next learning process. I really appreciate the heads up on both subjects and I am for sure a die hard fan of backing my computers up. On my MacBookPro it gets a backup every hour on the hour as long as it's...
  3. stratguy

    Can Apps Be Re-Downloaded?

    Well guys and gals, I've read and searched what seems like forever but in all reality probably has only been 30 minutes :-) All I really need to know for now is: If my brand new Acer Iconia A500 32 gb tablet decided to crash on me would I be able to go back to the Android Market Place and or the...
  4. stratguy

    NEW BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD FOLIO FOR ACER AVAILABLE - Has anyone got one of these yet?

    I've looked at that one too and so far it seems like the best one although on amazon there's not a lot of reviews.
  5. stratguy

    Another new member :-)

    Thanks spider for the steer in the right direction and hope to see you around the forum!!
  6. stratguy

    Another new member :-)

    Hi folks, I just joined your community tonight and thought I should stop by the new users thread and say howdy. I've been a long time iOS user and still am but I finally got tired of drinking apples kool-aid all by itself:-) So I just bought a new but an older Acer Iconia A500 32GB tablet which...