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  1. bytheseatomypants

    workin on a deadline HELP!!! gome flytouch not powering on

    I got my wife a flytouch (green light /red light with black headphone and power jack) I loaded Rudroid and it was running fine for a year or so. I just flashed a new tipstr mod, and the screen started to flicker. I shut it down and went back to 5the mod I had on it, but after 2 min of the flah...
  2. bytheseatomypants

    Is there any way to ...

    When I put a new android system on my tablet, It always tries to sync my google account over the wifi. Is there any way to change that so it goes over the ethernet connection? I do not have any wifi at my home? Flytouch Ken
  3. bytheseatomypants

    Google server issues!?!

    I have a flytouch running android 1.988.vo4 when I try to go to the market, it asks me to sign in or create an account. With the device connected to the ethernet cable and the icon lit on the top of the screen, I get this message: "This could be a temporary problem or your sim card may not...