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  1. DirtRider

    What security apps

    So what is the best security apps should I be looking at for my device
  2. DirtRider

    Bookmark Manager

    I am finding it impossible to manage the bookmarks in the default browser. I am able to book mark pages but not manage them at all that I can see. I can add folders and so on but getting to those that I have already bookmarked seems a mission. Then I cannot seem to see how to delete any if I...
  3. DirtRider

    The process has stopped

    Well from yesterday I started getting this error "The process has stopped" and I am unable to locate what is causing it so any help will be appreciated PS - Wish they would fix this issue with uploading images on VB ;)
  4. DirtRider

    Newbie to Galaxy P5100

    Hello all, well as you can all see I am a newbie to my Galaxy P5100 and I may need a bit of help with it. So far it is great especially after doing all my internet off my smart phone :D