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  1. Monsterman

    What Brand Case Do You Like The Most And Why??

    So I was just wondering what case do you have for your Sony S Tablet, why do you like it?
  2. Monsterman

    Are Screen Protectors Necessary?

    IMO screen protectors are not needed in most cases, if you are careful you really do not need one, but say if you let younger children use it then yes I would recommend it. Applying them can be a PITA for many. In all the years I've owned tablets I have gotten screen protectors installed...
  3. Monsterman

    Sony Tablet Wont Power Down

    Hiball Anyone else running into a problem with their tablet NOT wanting to power down/Off?. Ive ran intonseveral instances where I've held the on/off key had the "Turn power off dialog box"open selected shut down only to have the working icon continuosly run and the tablet never power off. Only...
  4. Monsterman

    Clearing Notifications Bar??

    Heck NO!! Still have both my Baja's and other rc's.. Have had my Sony Tablet for awhile now just ran into that PITA issue with clearning the notifications after the last update. I guess I have never been good with Electronics.. You still running Baja's?
  5. Monsterman

    Clearing Notifications Bar??

    Ah thanks! I knew it would be something simple!
  6. Monsterman

    Clearing Notifications Bar??

    Hi All I've done the latest system update on my Sony Tabler and have noticed now when I download a new app and or get a notification on the bottom of the screen I cant "X" and close or remove that notification like I used to.. Anyone know how to clear the notification??? I can clear it once I...
  7. Monsterman

    Sony Tablet S and Android 3.2.1

    I've had my Sony Tablet for months, done all of the upgrades that are available and so far its been working just as it did from the day I opened the box. I did have some issue with Facebook for a day or so but I think it was on their end and not mine.. As of now everything is working as it...
  8. Monsterman

    Sony Dock

    Picked up a Sony Dock today, it was on sale $29.99 I figured it would never be that cheap plus I have wanted the dock since getting my Tablet.. When you place your Sony Tablet into the dock you hear a chime and the Tablet begins to charge.. You also get a pop up window asking if you would like...
  9. Monsterman


    I dont seem to be having an issue staying connected to WIFI I have it set "not to turn off" and even if my screen times out I am still connected. I would say maybe its some other issue with your WIFI signal?
  10. Monsterman

    Looking for a Case

    Well I was near a local Best Buy store last nigth and I stopped in to see what they had on the shelf for the Sony S Tablet, I ended up coming across this Targus Mini Case for the Ipad, it was only $34.00 so I figured I'd grab it.. They also had a ton of other accessories for the Sony Tablets...
  11. Monsterman


    Good stuff, I am going to see if I can find that kit on Amazon and give it a try, after a lot of through I decidded I am not going to pay for the Sony "branded" case its over priced IMO.. I assumed that the music thing was some sort of promotional deal you got but thats cool! I guess I should...
  12. Monsterman

    Looking for a Case

    Can you throw up a link? Thanks
  13. Monsterman


    Who was the manf of the cover?? I am looking for something to protect my Sony S Tablet as well and just cant see spending the cash on the Sony Tablet Leather Case from Sony.. I know I have bought Zagg Covers for my cell phones and those things can be a real pita to install correctly. I always...
  14. Monsterman

    Welcome to the Sony Tablet S Forum - Covering the new Sony Tablet S

    I downloaded Filemanager HD and it works great. This forum has helped me a ton in the first week that I've owned my Sony S Tablet! :cool:
  15. Monsterman

    To Buy or Not to Buy???

    Thanks thats all I had to do, totally new to the Tablet thing and I would have never thought to click the "UP".. Found my files.. Thanks again :cool:
  16. Monsterman

    To Buy or Not to Buy???

    Hey can you explain how to find the files on the SD card?? I re formatted my SD Card as yo said and downloaded FileManager HD but either I am blind or I cant seem to find the SD card files in the running app... Thanks
  17. Monsterman

    Tethering For The Sony Tablet S

    Good stuff I am going to have to try this with my Samsung Fascinate :D
  18. Monsterman

    New Tablet Owner/User

    Well I have been trying to decide what tablet I want to go with for months, price was a consideration but it was more or less about the Specs of the tablet and support.. I picked up my new tablet last Wednesday. I went and got the Sony S Tablet. It does tons of things I wanted and more.. Flash...
  19. Monsterman

    To Buy or Not to Buy???

    I just picked up my Sony Tablet, I have an External HD that has its own power source, works just fine.
  20. Monsterman

    Disable Flashing Notification Light?

    I went and did the software upgrade tonight after buying my new Sony Tablet and I noticed the brigher green led ligth flashing as well, but only seems to come on when my screen lock time out engages.. Going to play around with things..