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  1. Benni

    Home Screen, Backlight Nonoperative

    Samsung galaxy tab4 -- all of a sudden can't put any icons on the home screen, backlight keeps turning off, and top left button doesn't bring it back on as before (landscape position). Under 1 year old. Help!
  2. Benni

    Google Translate Not Working

    It's crashed on 2 tablets. They are both Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. It was working a month ago -- now nothing! I have done all the steps for Android they say to do-- still nothing. The app opens but doesn't translate anything. Nothing but a circle going round and round after I type in the English...
  3. Benni

    Recent apps icon not working ....

    I have to hard-press the recent apps icon several times to remove/close an app. Plus pressing on the home bottom only brings up the Google app. What's going on?
  4. Benni

    Icon doesn't work

    The icon on bottom right (to 'close all') barely works without several tries (stylus or finger). What to do? I've only had this 2 weeks.
  5. Benni

    Low volume for videos

    I tried watching a video (not on YouTube) and couldn't hear it very well. I tried turning up the volume but got a warning that listening at too high a volume could damage my hearing -- blah, blah, blah. It wouldn't let me turn it up any further than 3/4 of the way! BTW, I was using earphones...
  6. Benni

    View Gallery photos offline?

    I have several photos in 'Gallery' that I'd like to save to device and view offline. I've researched for an answer but nothing helped. How can I do that?
  7. Benni

    New tablet vs old one

    I want to buy another tablet -- same one I have -- and give my old one to Hubs as he loves to play the games on it. Will there be a problem registering the new one in the same name/email addy as the old old one? Also, can I transfer my e-books from the old one to the new one? How is that done?
  8. Benni

    Saving documents to SD card

    Oh jeez! I misspelled the title -- documents! o_O I'm going to Cuba and taking my Tablet with me so I can work on some documents. There is no Wi-Fi there, and very little access to internet, so I will have to work on the docs offline. Yesterday, I used the USB to connect to my PC. I dragged...
  9. Benni

    Newbie from Newfie land

    Hi! Thanks for having me! I got my tablet a couple months ago and am still trying to learn all the ins and outs about using it. Put me on a PC and I've got it -- no problem. A tablet seems like a whole new world // learning experience. I'll need help with this and that as time goes by. :D