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    Alphapad android 4.0 tablet won't power on

    Hi this morning my tablet went dead so I put it on the charger to charge up. I let it charge for 3 hours took it off the charger and now it will not power on? When I put it back on the charger the main screen (that comes on when you first cut it on) keeps coming on but it will not power on. Any...
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    iPhone 4 wireless hotspot connection problem.

    I am having the same problem did you ever find a way to fix it?
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    Iphone 4s Hotspot connection problems

    Make: MID Model Number: LR97A01 Android Version: 4.0.3
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    Iphone 4s Hotspot connection problems

    What type of details will you need?
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    Iphone 4s Hotspot connection problems

    Hi i just recently purchased The Android 4.0 and im trying to use my hotspot on my Sprint Iphone 4s but my tablet cant seem to find it. Every other wifi devices in my neighborhood shows up but my phone wont. Please Help!!!!!!!