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  1. Monsterman

    What Brand Case Do You Like The Most And Why??

    So I was just wondering what case do you have for your Sony S Tablet, why do you like it?
  2. Monsterman

    Sony Tablet Wont Power Down

    Hiball Anyone else running into a problem with their tablet NOT wanting to power down/Off?. Ive ran intonseveral instances where I've held the on/off key had the "Turn power off dialog box"open selected shut down only to have the working icon continuosly run and the tablet never power off. Only...
  3. Monsterman

    Clearing Notifications Bar??

    Hi All I've done the latest system update on my Sony Tabler and have noticed now when I download a new app and or get a notification on the bottom of the screen I cant "X" and close or remove that notification like I used to.. Anyone know how to clear the notification??? I can clear it once I...
  4. Monsterman

    Sony Dock

    Picked up a Sony Dock today, it was on sale $29.99 I figured it would never be that cheap plus I have wanted the dock since getting my Tablet.. When you place your Sony Tablet into the dock you hear a chime and the Tablet begins to charge.. You also get a pop up window asking if you would like...
  5. Monsterman

    New Tablet Owner/User

    Well I have been trying to decide what tablet I want to go with for months, price was a consideration but it was more or less about the Specs of the tablet and support.. I picked up my new tablet last Wednesday. I went and got the Sony S Tablet. It does tons of things I wanted and more.. Flash...