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    Problem with "Android Tablet Bay" Chinese Supplier of Pipo S1 Tablets

    Has anyone out there ever dealt with the Android Tablet Bay supplier of Pipo tablets and other items? I purchased only 1 order of 2 Pipo S1 tablets from them last winter. Now, a customer reuturned one of the tablets we ordered from this supplier because it died within the 1 year warranty...
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    Has Anyone Purchased Tablets Through Android Tablet Bay Store?

    I made just one purchase of two 7 inch Pipo S1 tablets in December. It is now fall of 2013 & the end customer brought the tablet back because it just quit working (and I cannot get it working, either) within the 1 year warranty by the manufacturer. I have done everything I can think of to try...
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    Onda v701 Will No Longer Boot After 4.1 Update Attempt

    I have just spent quite a bit of time attempting to accomplish the Android 4.1 update. I have done my best to follow all of the steps. Now, I have a bigger problem: now, on both startup and recovery startup the system hangs on the "Onda" screen and will not boot at all. Does anyone have any...