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  1. JerseyRider

    Here is the official fix or replace TF201 petition page

  2. JerseyRider

    Anyone having problems with wifi on Transformer Prime?

    There appears to be quite a few people having problems with wifi on the Transformer Prime. Unfortunately I am one of them. I waited almost a month for the Prime which is my first tablet and now it looks like I may have to return it. Wifi works fine as long as I'm close to my router. My router is...
  3. JerseyRider

    Micro SD card, class

    I want to purchase a 32GB SD card for my ASUS Transformer Prime. Is there any difference in performance on a tablet with a class 10 card opposed to a class 4 card? Thanks.
  4. JerseyRider

    New to forum. Just received new ASUS tablet.

    Hello. I just received my new ASUS Transformer Prime tablet this morning. This is my first tablet though I do own a Nook e-reader and my wife has a Kindle Fire. If you asked me a few months ago if I would spend 500.00 on a tablet I would tell you that you were crazy. But after playing around my...