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    Battery died - lost all apps and settings!

    Hi guys, As some will already know I have a V3 Onda Vi40 and am running the TNT Custom Firmware. Anyway, last night i was using tablet and noticed that the battery was low, I carried on some more, and then suddenly (and I think) without warning it switched off. What surprised me, was that upon...
  2. J

    Can I tether to iPhone 4?

    Morning all, Has anyone successfully tethered the Onda vi40 to an iPhone? My iPhone "personal network" is switched on, and laptop can see and connect to the network, but Onda doesn't see it. Any suggestions? Thanks James
  3. J

    New Onda Vi40 User? Confused? So was I...

    I purchased my Onda Vi40 from eBay, and when it arrived it looked great - but I was a little disappointed that I couldn't get a lot of the apps that I was used to on my iPhone, and that I could see were available (just not for my device!). Twitter, Facebook most notably, but also no Google...