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  1. LatGinger

    Can you charge the Google Android Superpad 10.2 with a computer?

    The DC charging port is loose, and I can not charge the tablet anymore. I was wondering if there is another way of charging it or will I have to dismount everything and fix the DC port? Thanks in advance, :)
  2. LatGinger

    Hey, What's Up

    Hey, I'm Latoya. I have a Google Android 2.1 and I'm just looking for help. ;)
  3. LatGinger

    Please Help!!! Android Tablet

    Hi, I have google android 2.1 tablet, I've install apps, music, pictures, and things of that nature on my tablet. So today, I went to turn it on and the screen flashed different colors (white, orange, green and blue). I repeatedly tried resetting it. I even shook it up and down (I didn't...