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    Adds on tablet

    I am getting adds on my tablet including my game angry birds that I paiid for, how do I get rid of them? No downloads except wallpaper. Help!
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    How do you tell what version you have, what the specs are on the tablet you have ,wanting to know about doing updates for my Zenithink ZT-180?
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    Movies and Youtube

    I got movies on my sd micro card and want to have shortcut on desktop for them, how do I do this or can I? Second question, this tablet has youtube icon and will take me to youtube but will not load videos just says loading, I let it do this for ten minutes and still no video, any suggestions?
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    Got movies in my external micro card and want to make a shortcut to each one on my desktop, how or can I do this?
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    Instructional manual

    Is there a instruction manual for the Zenithink zt-180? Does this have a video player already on the tablet?
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    10 inch zt-180 google android 2.2

    I just bought a 10 INCH ZT-180 GOOGLE ANDROID 2.2 with a user manual but am illiterate about tablets and want to know how to put music and movies on this tablet. Cannot seem to find info anywhere, user manual not helpful. I can usually read the manual and able to do what is needed except for...