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    Google Market... downloading not working

    On my daughters tablet the market was working I downloaded 5 or 6 things on it. Now it is doing the dreaded (starting download) and it just stays like that. I know this is a common complaint and have been trying to find a thread on how to fix it. I tried going to manage applications.... but...
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    Webcam/Camera problem in Haipad M701r ????

    My daughters Haipad M701r webcam/camera is showing a large black screen. It seems to work but you can not see what you are doing. After you snap a picture you can see a little picture up in the top right side. It was working fine, I think she must of done something to it, maybe changed a...
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    Hello Newby here !!!!

    Hello all, I have been lurking around the forum for a while...I see lots of good info on here and hope to learn alot, since I know nothing about the android tablets. I am going to purchasing one for my daughter, and hope that this will help me with getting me familiar with the android...
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    I need help picking out a android tablet

    Hello evryone,, I am looking for a tablet for my daughter. There are so many out I am finding it hard to decide which one to buy... She wants to be able to watch movies,listen to music, read books, do some of her homework on it, camera if possible, something fairly easy to use. I am looking for...