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    Android Telechips TCC8900 No Longer Downloading From Android Market

    Did not need Root. Had problems with mine and went into settings, then manage applications,then highlighted Marketplace and cleared cache. Helps if you have made a note of any login info I spent 24hrs looking for all my lost log in details when I removed several apps and then had to reinstall...
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    Trouble downloading Android Market Updates

    Same problem as original post on mine. When I go to about the following says the spec is : Firm ware version 2.2 Kernel Version Build number Ver.2.2.0128.20101213-162053 All the other stuff works fine. just want to put a few new apps on it.
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    Which Antivirus is good for Acer A500 ?

    Another vote for AVG, use it on the PC, on the phone and have installed it on the tablet. Used to have Norton but found it bogged everything down.AVG is free, you can download it from the market as well. Even our IT guys at work use AVG and sorted out some virus' that appeared on the work...
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    Mobile Broadband on Acer A500

    Using the T-Mobile Wireless pointer here. 3G but with WiFi. Costs £10 per month on contract. Advantage is you can use the WiFi with additional devices,including Mac, Linux pc's Posting from my Laptop as my tablet is currently downloading another 70 episodes of my favorite Manga.
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    Accessing files on a usb drive

    Plugged my 20G mini HD into the USB port on my tablet and it found all the back up pictures, docs and music files on it. tablet has ES file Explorer already installed. opened scsi folder and there were all the files.
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    How many people use their tablets in the car?

    Very happy, have discovered the car charger for my Sat Nav that I rarely use has the same rating and plug as my Tablet.:D Just need to sort out a decent mount that I can swap between cars that does not stick on the windscreen. Problem is one car has no centre console and the other has the stereo...
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    Manga viewer

    Have just downloaded a copy of Mango from the Official Marketplace and now have managed to put my paper collection of Manga onto the tablet:o
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    Tablet has Arrived.

    Now got forum working on the tablet and using the keyboard case I got as well. Sent from my Android for S22 using Android Tablet Forum
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    andRoc Model railroad control

    Have been given a link to this program (in the official android marketplace) on my model rail-road forum, and wondered if any one here has tried it yet. Will need to do quite a lot of electronics engineering on the train side but liking the remote control aspect of it . Mods, move if required.
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    Micro sd card 8gb help choosing

    No experience of Mymemory, just all the Kingston ones I have used seem to work fine and and survive the rough and tumble of a car glove box (solid made) tried some cheaper ones and the cases came apart exposing the PCB -I use them in my car stereo as it has a card slot.
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    Micro sd card 8gb help choosing

    personal choice would be the Kingston one, the others I use are the Sandisk ones.
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    Tablet has Arrived.

    Linked to my Wi Fi now,Google marketplace works and have downloaded some of the Apps I wanted. Video Playback works well from a memory stick. Only thing is I have already forgotten my pass word for here but have downloaded the forum app Different e-mail account set up as well Went to our local...
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    Tablet has Arrived.

    Thanks. Have uploaded picture to new album I have just created.
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    Tablet has Arrived.

    Looks like the cheap chinese copy but for the money I paid am happy. Micro SD card recognised, currently listening to a USB drive of Music. Sound Quality good for the size of the speakers. Info taken from About device: Model Number Android for S22 Firmware Version 2.2 Kernel Version...
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    What extras do you think are most important?

    2Gb micro SD card purchased, going for the case with keyboard built in. Charger output is 5V @2000mA.
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    Which Do You Use More?

    in order of preference PDF reader will be used on tablet because I have about 8G of tech manuals in pdf format. phone screen is too small for looking at diagrams. E-mail
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    What extras do you think are most important?

    cheers guys, my list seems to mirror what you say and with the most important ones first. The case is first priority- have scratched or cracked phone screens in the past. Agree a spare charger/cable is vital, have a USB charger in each car for phones, sat nav, camera etc also have a mains...
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    What extras do you think are most important?

    I am looking at getting some extra bits to go with my tablet when it arrives next week 1) Spare USB charger cable - can use USB charger in the car. 2) Protective case 3) Spare memory cards -so I can pre load movies/ music. 4) External Keyboard. - have been offered a second hand...
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    What Is Your Ringtone?

    Depends who it is - different ringtones for different people. Main ring tone: William Hanna - Scooby-Doo, Where are you. The Wife : theme from The Good , The Bad, The Ugly. People from work: Van Halen - Jump
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    How many people use their tablets in the car?

    Just curious how many people use tablets in the car, not using them for navigation or entertainment.What other app's do you use. lf so how do you mount them. Have seen windscreen mounts but don't really like that idea, due to twin air-bags.