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  1. hunter505

    G-Tab for $259!! - Viewsonic G-Tablet 10.1" Tablet Computer, NVIDIA Tegra 2 (1GHz), 512MB DDR2 Memory, 16GB HDD, Android 2.2 Found the G-tab for $259 at Here is the link
  2. hunter505

    Jerky Video w/Vegan Tab 5.1?

    I have a movie that I copied to the external SD card. When I watch it using QQPlayer it "stutters" a bit. Not smooth playback. Is this a VeganTab problem? or because I am pulling so much data from an SD card? Opinions? Thoughts?
  3. hunter505

    Tethering Possible?

    Does anuone know if/how to use my Droid phone as a tether for my G-Tab? Not sure this is even possible, but I figured someone would know:rolleyes:
  4. hunter505

    Firefox/Market question

    I know Mozilla released Firefox for Android because it came up on my Droid phone market. I can't get it to show on my G-Tablet market though. I have tried the standard market fix without success. Can someone suggest another fix? Or maybe just post the Firefox APK?
  5. hunter505

    Any Honeycomb rumors?

    Anyone got any good rumors about if/when we will be able to get Honeycomb for our beloved G-Tablet?:cool:
  6. hunter505

    TnT Lite 2.2 Suddenly Totally Unstable. Virus Maybe??

    Last night it worked just fine, didn't dl anything new or make any changes. Today nothing works. I get force close messages for several apps as soon as it boots up, others act like this is the first time they have been opened. Refuses to connect to wifi. I'm thinking it will need to be flashed...
  7. hunter505

    Several Odd Things with my G-Tab

    Couple of weird things have cropped up, hoping someone has some ideas. 1. The time will not stay set. I have reset it several times and as soon as I reboot the time is wrong again. 2. I have a "missing" app. I downloaded a photo wallpaper manager from the market. It does not appear in the list...
  8. hunter505

    Wallpaper problems with TnT Lite 2.2

    Has anyone else had problems getting wallpaper to load right? I took a few images that I had, edited them down to 1024x600, transferred them to GTab and tried to set them as wallpaper. When I do, the thing wants to crop the image down to just a little square and then when you set it, it is an...
  9. hunter505

    Citrix Possible on G-Tab?

    Just wondering if anyone has used any Citrix programs on the G-Tab? I connect through a web interface to my companies server via a Citrix program called nFuse. Just wondering if this would be possible with Android based platform?:confused: