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    Does anyone know how to repair MID701-R Mac address?

    Evidently in FWDN tool - menu Tools => Options... => check Insert WiFi MAC Address => OUI: 0x[first 6 chars MAC], NIC: 0x[last 6 chars MAC].
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    Adobe flash 10.1 for Haipad M701

    I use this version (from M701-R_0720.rar) with firmware from 2011.04.19 and works good. (M701 HY)
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    APAD w/ Android 2.1 Telechips TCC8902 (Pandawill G10, Wiipad Slim Plus, Haipad M701)

    Hi all! I have problem with unstable WiFi on my M701 HY (fw #186). If I pinging default gateway through USB from PC, it's all OK and wifi keep connection. But if I don't ping from PC, after some time wifi connection on tablet failed and I have to reset wifi adapter (sometimes several times)...
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    Haipad with Android 2.2 Hot!

    Is any solution of problem with battery indicator?
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    Cant sign out from Gtalk, Haipad

    If others failed, I recommend reflash fw ;) (FW must be for your model ! look here
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    Upgrade M701 2.6.29 #188 cbsmbg@CBServer

    Download link is for 20101221_bt_ec12_hy.rar and it is older version (#183).
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    Upgrade M701 2.6.29 #188 cbsmbg@CBServer

    I have had M701 HY with #188. I don't know nothing about HY version and I will upgrade to FroYo (from, but is not for HY version). It of course not succeed. So I download firmware from for HY, flash it and now i have #186. Where can I download firmware #188 or is any newer...