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    NEED HELP!! Enabled Screen Lock and Cant remember the pattern!

    Please try to use a thin needle to hollow in/out the “reset hole” first, if it’s not solved, please restore software MORE
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    Apps for Tablet or Apps for Phone actually ?

    we.. developers are now a days developing apps for tablets,you can find them in the market but many of apps you find in market are for need to have good software such as market providing apps only for tablets.they are getting more n more efficient and cool day by day.MORE
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    here is my first video of my R TOUCH

    xaueious this video is from my cell phone. i'll make it better and i am not a spam . dont call me spam
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    here is my first video of my R TOUCH

    hey guys i am attaching the link of video of my RTOUCH give you comments pls
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    Looking for Tablet

    well dear Afri you can but android v1.6 in 130$ there are many companies providing 1.6..they are cheap but try to find one with the fastest speed among them. can search at google for it
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    A decent tablet for international travel?

    R TOUCh got GPS and 3G ..find out the newer version round about 280$ i guess .
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    Looking for a Froyo Tablet

    i like the HeroTab M802 comparing with Witstech A81G. Hero looks good and specs are much better
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    Looking for Tablet

    well if you are looking for a tablet in 130$ ..with the best result + 2.1 OS is tough man 2.1 tabz are 200+ US $ things..if you find anything in your limit then tell me too.. if you want to spend 200+ the think about R TOUCH .. 2.1 + single touch + 1.3 cam but it is not 7 inch...its 8" if...
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    Under $200 Capacitive Tablet?

    well i started a thread about R TOUCh i am using it and it is great bit expensive then 200$ but you can get it under 260$ the best capacitive tablet 2.1 ANDROID which is upgradeable aswell. Visit RTouch - Welcome