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    Contact app with phone numbers

    Hi! First if all we know that 2.2 Froyo isn't an OS for tablets. And I've got one of those WonderMedia tablets. Now my question is, being a stripped down OS for use in tablets, is there a way show the phone numbers in the contacts app. Or is there a third party app that can sync with my Google...
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    Touchscreen no longer working after flash update

    Hi! I have a Maylong M-250 which I have flashed to v1.3.1 from the Eken M900S which is compatible with most 7" WonderMedia tablets. The flash was successful but it seems there is no touch screen driver compatibility. Any ideas how to mod this thing so that I can use the touchscreen? I have...
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    Adobe Flash Player 10.3 and Netflix

    Hi I have two issues. 1) I can't install Flash 10.3 on this machine (mine is a Maylong M-250 having the WM8650 chipset). Has anyone successfully installed this on his/her machine? 2) I can install Netflix and logon successfully I can't watch movies. I have a blank screen and audio at twice the...
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    Red dot and plus sign near home icon when in portrait mode

    I have this Maylong M-250 and whenever I'm in portrait mode using auto rotate there's this red dot and plus sign beside the home icon? Any ideas what this means? TIA.