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  1. B buyers experience

    If you didnt get a reply from us on Skype, you are welcome to send us a message via contact form. Contact us Im not sure which item you purchased and what your order number is, but please remember we are located in China not US. Delivery can take up to 3 weeks if you selected the cheapest...
  2. B Review

    First i would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused with your purchase. New site was set up just before Christmas sale, and caused lots of trouble moving to new host. I doubt you where insulted by any of our sales in any of our channels, we would never allow this kind of behaviour...
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    BESTMID website is moving to new host

    Also to not try to contact us via this forum. The site is often not accessible from China.
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    BESTMID website is moving to new host

    Do not hold off buying from us, we do reply all emails withing 24 hours. You the order at the first day of Chinese New Year holiday, we replied all emails within 48 hours during the whole holiday. On top of that we where moving to new host which made communication a little problematic, if you...
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    BESTMID website is moving to new host

    Our new store is now ready for orders. Welcome to visit us: New store: Old Store: Please let us know if you find any bugs in our new store. We are still adding some content from old store.
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    BESTMID website is moving to new host

    Hi, you could have canceled your order any time. I apologize the delay but we received large amount of order for Novo7 and on top of that we had issues with our host and had to upgrade new one. I hope you can give as another chance and im sure you will not be disappointed.
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    BESTMID website is moving to new host

    Please contact us via email, this way will be easier to keep track of all inquiries. Once again i apologize for the lack of online updates as the store is still offline, all orders will be shipped and email are sent with tracking info once shipped. If you have not received tracking info yet...
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    BESTMID website is moving to new host

    Sorry guys for the down time. In the middle of Christmas sales, we had to move our store to new host as the old one had too many limitations on storage and transfer. This means that the email is still inaccessible and we couldnt receive email from about any updates here. All...
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    ainol novo 7 advanced

    We can offer better price and service then the competitor you mentioned. All Novo 7 unite at !! Our deal is even better then the competitor you mentioned. 3.2 is not yet available for Advanced, the link looks like 2.3 firmware version 1.8. The latest is 2.0T firmware for Advanced.
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    FREE Android T-shirts to all forum members!!!

    Yes, the free T-shirt is still available.
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    FREE CASE with every Ainol Novo7

    Here is another offer from! Every Novo7 purchase will get a free black protective case. To product page:
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    FREE Android T-shirts to all forum members!!!

    Hello Android Lovers! We have added a new cool category with Android T-shirts on To show how much we like community we would like to give every member a special free gift: Android T-shirt. With every Android tablet we include a FREE Android T-shirt. Only...
  13. B is a Supporting Vendor!

    Thank you. We are glad to be on board. Hello to to all members! is here to offer only the BEST devices and BEST customer service to all Android lovers. Hope to see you in our store. Special offers for forum members will soon be announced here.
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    New MID Store on the block

    Hi, all !! My name is mr.Wu from Guangzhou, China... We are setting up a new MID / tablet store and would like to get in touch with the admin of this forum. I have sent a message to one of of admins last week, but still no reply. Android MID Rocks!!