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    Cruz t301 Stock Browser And Dolphin Browser Crashing Solved

    Hello As soon as you launch the your browser hit the menu icon at the top of the screen to the right of the search icon. This will bring up a options menu at the bottom of the screen. Select "more" then select "settings". Then you will see the options to disable Java and other browser...
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    Cruz T301 Help

    After seeing this little guy for a $60 price tag, I could not pass it up. At first i was a litlle dissappointed, but after getting the android market installed, I have been very happy with many apps. Google play will let you know if the app is compatible before you download it so it saves you...
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    Problem Cruz T301 USB Debug

    I installed the google usb driver just before I installed the Andriod Market and have had no further issues. I tried to upload it but it failed. Let me know if you can not find it on the web. Thanks RB