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    GMail stopped syncing

    Did you make sure the app is set to sync under Settings -> Accounts & sync -> gmail (envelop with @ on it)?
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    Just Got Sony Tablet S, Should I Upgrade to ICS?

    ICS is a bit faster, supports mosr recent apps and has some nice widget features. If you just got your S and it is under warranty, go for it. I have never had any trouble upgrading. Just make sure it is fully charged and plug in.
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    release 5a available in Australia

    Looks like only a minor update.
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    wireless noob question

    I would ask your service providers what they support before buying anything over the internet. They might have the solutions you are after on offer already.
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    wireless noob question

    I use a pocket wifi device that uses 3G with a service provider. I can connect 5 devices securely. Probably best way to go for you. Not sure what is available in Croatia, though. I am in Australa.
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    How to save WiFi setups when moving between different WiFi connections

    I do the same thing but only ever have to enter the password once and the tablet remembers it. There must be a setting to save the passwords.
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    New update rolling out today 8/9/2012

    Updated in australia, but have not noticed any difference...
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    Wifi tether with ics

    I can connect to internet through my wife's HTC moble, which is also running ICS. Easiest setup ever.
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    deleting files on SD card after ICS update

    Since upgrading to ICS I cannot delete files on my SD card anymore using File Manager HD or x-plore. I can, however, use the file transfer app to move files to the tablet memory and delete them there using the above apps. A really annoying work-around. Anyone have any experience with this...
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    buying a sony tablet S sohould I go 32gb or 16gb ?

    I have a 16gb with a 32gb sd card for all data. No problem wrt storage for apps. But I also just have about 30 apps, not 100s. If you have the money, go big. You can never have too much storage.
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    AC Adaptor

    Mine purchased in Australia does 110-240v. I assume they are the same all over the world.
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    Android 4.0.3 Crash Google play store

    I updated overnight in perth and everything is working fine! I am on 4.03, though!
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    Magic Gate SD Memory Card

    If you have a usb card reader for yor memory card, just get an adapter for the micro usb port. Sent from my Sony Tablet S using Android Tablet Forum
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    Playing music on SD card

    MixZing player memorizes the songs if you open the folders. But only until you shut down. Sent from my Sony Tablet S using Android Tablet Forum
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    Android Market.....not up to date?

    Which country are you in? Sent from my Sony Tablet S using Android Tablet Forum
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    Screen protector reviews

    The sony store on murray street has a black neoprene sony brand one in store. Sent from my Sony Tablet S using Android Tablet Forum