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    Other charger options?

    Not too long ago I picked up the Belkin 2.1A car micro (stubby) USB charger from WalMart... p/n F8J002TT Cost around $17 in-store. A Google search/shopping shows them around $15 now. Works perfect! (though does get warm, but Belkin is typically a reliable brand)
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    The Official "Waiting For The VTAB 3010" Thread

    I totally agree on the vtab1008's camera... sub-horrible. I anxiously await the 3010 so I can give my 1008 to my 13 yr old... he just got 8th place in the ACSI National Spelling Bee... and had they not messed up, would have been in the top 4. They gave Kindle Fire's for the 2nd thru 4th...
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    Other charger options?

    Just my $2.02 worth.... (inflation, ya know...) I tested my vtab, it draws 1.7A at full charge rate. Most (well designed) chargers will current limit when you exceed their output current design limit, and the voltage will "droop" until the current stabilizes at their max. current output...