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    Can SumBody, NEBody PLEASE HELP w/a cmp738D? PLZ, B4 Im Forcd 2 stab it w/ a stylus!

    Hi Redd - Hope that you haven't had to resort to violence yet! I am not familiar with the 738D, but if it is in fact the same as a cmp738b, then there are rooted roms available on this site, here is a link to the thread...
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    Anybody Have or Heard of a Craig 744a 10.1, 2.3 Gingerbread?

    OK, since my last post, I was able to cobble together a charger with the right connector for this tablet. Last night, I connected the tablet to my laptop, and I was able to get adb working, and managed to get a dump of the rom using the rkdump utility. Of course, it is too large to attach here...
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    Anybody Have or Heard of a Craig 744a 10.1, 2.3 Gingerbread?

    Hi, I just bought one of these CMP744a tablets off eBay, it has some issues, and came with a power adapter that is not the right one for this tablet. I've been looking around, but there's very little information on the interwebs about these tablets, and impossible to find any firmware for these...
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    [ROM] Installable stock nandroid backup for Kyros 7015 with root

    Would this rom image work on a 7016? I just bought one on ebay - cheap - it's bricked. I'll need some kind of rom to get it up & running before I can do anything else with it. I've downloaded the Android SDK as well, but being a newb at this point, I expect it will take me a while to get going...
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    Hi all - new guy here!

    Hi everyone & thanks for welcoming me to your forums. I have a technical background, and I'm into hacking gadgets. This kind of describes me. I don't have a tablet yet, but actually I just bought one on eBay about an hour ago. It's bricked - "freezing on startup screen". So of course I'll have...