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    Hello, I recently purchased the sound logic/XT; a tablet and net book in one. Built in Wifi, android operating system, usb and sd card compatible inputs. OS is android 2.3, Ethernet port and 4gb built in storage. I'm having issues installing any apps from the market which is SlideMe Market; I'm...
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    How to Install Android Market on Ematic 10" eGlide Pro II XL Tablet

    TGamel.. Hi.. I followed the directions above and installed in on a previous ematic tablet... I recently purchase another one the E-glide 4xl... when I tried to install goggleframeworkservice.apk it informed me that it was already install... I don't see it anywhere in the files directory...
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    How to install android market on ematic eglide 4xl??

    Hello, I recently purchase the ematic e-glide for my daughter. I'm wanting to install the android market, which I have but it will not allow me to download any apps from the market. I receive an error message every time..... Also when I try to install goggleserviceframework.apk it tells me that...