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    iPhone4 and Wifi Tether

    It's my understanding from reading on the web that AT&T is going to block users using MiFi/cancel their unlimited data accounts. Is there a root my iphone 4s/root my A500 solution which provides transparent (to AT&T) connections? I'm going to be travelling in a month or two for a few weeks in...
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    Wireless speed/connection on A500

    I just replaced my old router (WRT54G) with a new one (Netgear WNDR3700 - stock firmware). I'm surprised that the A500 shows a connection speed of only 65Mbps while sitting next to the router. While I could be confused, I expected a faster speed setting. Am I missing something or is this...
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    Is there a car charger for the A500

    Not sure if this is compatible with the A500 or not, but if it is, the price seems right. has this (80W Universal Power Adapter DC 12V Car Use Only for Laptop Notebook with adjustable Output Voltage&) for $9.99 with free shipping. If someone figures out that the specs are...