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    New Firmware Update and App

    As the title says. Check Settings, ABOUT, Check for Update...
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    Soft left side to the ASUS TF

    Anyone having problems with this issue? Near the power and volume buttons, the case seems to be not well supported. Serial number B50K I purchased another unit with B60K serial number and the problem seems to be rectified. Any idea if there is a fix for this or should those with this problem...
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    You Tube searches differently on two identical TF's

    I liked the TF so much I bought another for my wife. (We share a keyboard) We set all the parameters in You Tube to the same search settings but the search comes back differently on each machine. Any ideas why this would be?????
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    FYI: Video chat success on Transformer

    Since SKYPE does not currently support video chat for the Transformer, use TANGO from the market. Works perfectly with the front camera. Connected to an Apple iPhone4 no problem. Hopefully SKYPE will be supported soon. Cheers
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    PS3 pairing with Transformer

    Anyone had success doing this? I've paired the PS3 and Transsfomer with several BT device but not together. I was hoping to use the Transformer as a remote for the PS3.
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    Having problems with the new WEB Market?

    Trying to access the new WEB base market has been a problem for the 7015 Tablet. A lot of FC's on apps that are running in the background. In just about every case, I have to reboot the tablet. Anyone have success actually downloading from the WEB site directly to their tablet or is it just me...
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    We have a Home Power Button in the Market

    Some have asked for a "soft" power button and this may be the start of a solution to the Wake from Sleep issue. Search for "Coby Power Button" in the Market for the free app.
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    WiFi auto negotiate????

    I have been using the 7015 between home and work with great success. One issue I have seen is that the tablet does not release my current wireless connection and auto connect on the new location. I have to go into Wireless & Network settings and un-check the Wi-Fi (turn it off) and then re-check...
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    Volume control for the Menu?

    Anybody found an app for controlling the volume in applications like YouTube were the information bar disappears and there is no access to volume control without exiting the running video? Ideally this would go into the Menu bar at the bottom and be available when selecting the hard button...
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    Finding Lost YouTube Market icon?

    After rooting and applying the Market, I decided to clean up a few "not required" Running services. I must have blown out a Google hook that supplied the YouTube icon that calls sysdev. The button is still there with label but the ICON is blank. Any idea how I could get this Icon back...
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    Can't keep the 7015 in sleep mode..^&#(!@*#

    I know, old issue but it still continues and seems to have gotten worse with adding the rooted MARKET. About every 1-2 minutes it wakes up. Defeated mobile wireless etc as suggested in another thread. I've tried killing any applications that might be waking it up but it continues to do so. This...
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    SDK Manager can't find Java, Win7- 64bit

    Nuts... I've got the table Rooted and now on to the SDK Manager part. SDK complains it can't find Java even though it knows it's there. Tells me to add Java to the user path. Did that, no go. Web search indicates this is a known issue with SDK and 64 bit Win7. Try to do the REG KEY change and...
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    How do you de-mount a USB thumb drive?????

    Anyone know how to do this? There is de-mounting for a USB connection to a PC but nothing for thumbdrives. If you disconnect the thumbdrive, the tablet complains that you should demount the drive first.