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    [HELP] I Loaded 7" Firmware on the 9" Tablet

    Try choosing 'settings' on the main screen. Then 'SD card and e-reader storage', there should be an option to reset to factory defaults.
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    EPUB not working on Pandigital Novel black

    Hi, I have a Pandigital Black 7" with Terninater' firmware, and downloaded a free book from a site that books. It is in an epub format but it doesn't show up on the B+N bookshelf. I figured this was because it wasn't a B+N book but I'm not sure. I put the file onto the sd card but...
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    What kind of pandigital do I have

    Hi, I have a pandigital 7' black. Model # PRD07T20WEL1. If I'm off a little, remember, the numbers are very small. Is it a QVC or a BPDN? I used terminaters firmware to upgrade S64N_SLSB_PDUI_PD_20110302.dat but mine read as S64N_SLSB_PDUI_PD_20110301.dat I think its at 1.5, not sure...
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    Pandigital Black 7" external merory card encountering video problems

    Hi, I have a Pandigital Black 7" Colour Multimedia eReader using Terninater's firmware and an external 2 gig sd card I'm using it to watch mp4 movies at 720x480. Lately its been having trouble reading the movies. Sometimes it wont see them and gives me an error with the choice "wait for...