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    How To Connect to a home wireless network?

    Thank you for your feed back. I think all I have to do now is enter my Network Password and see if the Android Tablet makes a connection....Thanks again for the link....Ron
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    How To Connect to a home wireless network?

    Hi Folks....I will post my Question and If the Answer is out there on one of the Forums just direct me to it, as I cannot find it using the "Search Forums" option. I have the 8" Android tablet PC. I want to connect to my home wifi network just like my PC does. Is there any specific "How...
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    New Member w/Android 8" Tablet

    Hi....I have the 8" Android Tablet that I received last week. I can't find out who the manufacture is but after putting a charge on the battery it seems pretty spiff I'm located in Maine, and I look forward to finding out a few answers on how to "Configure" the Tablet to recognize my current...