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    NEED HELP!! Craig CMP738B.

    Probably returned by some inconsiderate person who tried to "root" the Craig (for reasons only he/she would understand) then decided to simply return it and make it someone else's problem. Wonder what these folks do when a family member or pet disappoints them...?
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    where are the games i downloaded on my craig tablet

    Have either of you connected the Craig to a laptop or PC to confirm the games are in the "downloads" folder...?
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    Returning my CRAIG tablet CMP745 today

    I am a high-tech person and I find it unfortunate that you were unhappy with your Craig. I've been able to do everything I wanted to do on my Craig and more -- including turning it into a very large cell phone! Did you read the manual...? Get tips from other users...? Too late now, I know...
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    Pc doesnt recognize cmp738b

    It's not difficult to connect Craig to PC. Here's how: make sure Craig is powered up connect short USB cord that came with tablet to Craig connect other end to PC go to "settings" in the Craig -- scroll down to USB Host Mode and turn OFF "USB host" mode (in other words, "un-click" the option...
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    getting apps for the craig tablet

    Mike - you do NOT want to use Android Market because that is associated with Droid cell phones. If you have an android cell (as I do) and you purchase software it will download to your PHONE, when you want is to download to your tablet. Here is a link to an Android Solitaire program -- not...
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    newbie needs help downloading apps

    I see there is some discussion that wifi "has" been fixed -- others say "has not." Either way, rooting is pointless if you simply read the manual, download Google android apps onto PC (or SC card) and simply drag/install onto tablet. Why bother with this "rooting" stuff when it already does...
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    getting started w/cmp738b

    Just hold the power button for about five seconds until you see the green Android dude in upper left corner. Release power button and let it fully load. Will go through typed word "Android" than logo word "Android" then to the home screen. Be patient - it seems to take forever the first time...
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    Craig tablet market problem

    Is the arrow moving, or is it just a static arrow...? If it's moving, it's still trying to download. If it's static (not moving) the download is done. Simply drag down on the gray bar and click on the downloaded link to the application.
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    newbie needs help downloading apps

    I find that the easiest way to add software (or remove it, for that matter) is to connect to laptop/PC via USB cord and simply drag downloaded software from computer to tablet's "download" folder. Then use the apk installer on the Craig to install it. Do NOT root your Craig. IMHO there is...
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    Google Voice on Craig Tablet...?

    Well, I'm definitely one step closer to achieving the goal. Was able to install the software you mentioned. Definitely get voice messages from calls received but still see no way to dial out. Am I missing something obvious...?
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    Google Voice on Craig Tablet...?

    Great to know! I will download and give it a whirl - thanks.
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    Regarding the Craig tablet "tracking you," I think you are confusing GPS with Google Lattitude. As soon as I turned my Craig on it asked me if I wanted to share my location and I simply said no. With regards to my question on December 4th, I have no idea how re-posting your entire original...
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    Craig CMP738B Root with working Android Market and Clean ROM IMG file

    I am curious about those of you who "root" (read: destroy) the Craig tablet and then return it as if it were the fault of the manufacturer. Doesn't the store get suspicious...? And who do you think is getting/paying for the tablet you've ruined...? I just don't understand this tactic, I guess.
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    Google Voice on Craig Tablet...?

    Got the Craig tablet and really enjoy it. Does everything I need, right out of the box. I would like to use Google Voice/Chat on it though and can't seem to figure a way to do that. On my laptop/PC I simply log on to Gmail, scroll down to "Chat and SMS" (under "inbox", etc.) and click "call...
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    But how do they actually PERFORM...?

    Just an FYI - since starting this thread I got the Craig tablet for Christmas. I don't know why everyone's rooting and whatnot -- but for me it worked terrific right out of the box. Wifi connect took about 10 seconds to set up. All software works, although I don't need some of it (Facebook...
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    But how do they actually PERFORM...?

    I've seen a lot of stuff about "Angry Birds," Farmville, Rooting, and a whole bunch of other stuff I consider a total waste of time and energy. What I want to simply know is: how do the Craig tablets actually perform? I've done extensive searches on quite a few other sites, and most folks who...
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    i have a craig tablet model cmp738b

    I'm sorry -- but did you say you got Craig tablets for five-year-olds...? I'm as techno-crazy as the next person, but wouldn't actual BOOKS have been much cheaper and easier -- not to mention age-appropriate...? ;0)
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    Don't you have to be logged into (or use) Facebook, etc. for it to track your location...?