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    Resetting Sony Tablet S to Factory Settings

    I am looking at selling my Sony Tablet S just recently purchased. Can someone tell me how to reset back to factory settings?....IOW's, I want to be able to take the tablet back to exactly the way it was when I took it OTB. I can't seem to find a definitive answer to this anywhere. One poster...
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    What does the "Running Services" icon mean on my homescreen?

    I just purchased a Tablet S for my wife & in getting used to it, somehow we have created (2) icons on the home screen entitled "Running Services." When you tap either one, it takes you to a screen that, on the right hand side, shows a list of several things, some of which say something like 8.6...
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    Games availability for the Sony Tablet?

    I am considering buying the Sony Tablet S 32gb for my wife. I just recently bought her a Kindle Fire, but she's not too fond of it. Her main use will be simply playing games, some web surfing, e-books, etc. She found that on the Kindle, you are limited to only their library of games which...