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  1. J

    Kindle Android app running on new nook touch

    Just thought I'd share a video...they say it's not ready for primetime, but I think it looks intriguing.Hacked Nook Touch now runs the Kindle app (video) | The Digital Reader
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    HBO Go app not working on NC

    But the app is supposed to work on Gingerbread, which is what CM7 is running. I'm on 7.0.2. The app opens, but throws a 'force close' when going to the login screen. Has anyone found a solution for this?
  3. J

    NC Unstable Suddenly

    I'm running CM7 7.0 stable release, with an OC kernel. The device was just fine, but has gotten jittery in the past couple hours; video crackles and stutters occasionally, the home screen came up out out of whack once, and it seems to be running warmer. I did go to the new screenshot-friendly...
  4. J

    Engadget reporting that final CM7 version is done?

    CyanogenMod 7.0 is now final, ready for your consumption -- Engadget I'm still newbie enough to wonder what this means--can anyone explain? Thanks in advance!
  5. J

    A nice WSJ article about the value of the Nookcolor

    ROI: The $200 Tablet Computer - It has a fun sort of 'neener neener' quality to it. :)
  6. J

    NC would not wake up

    I upgraded to Froyo over the weekend, and last night when I removed the NC from the charger, it did not want to wake up; neither the power button nor the N worked. When I plugged it back in, it did wake up, and seems to be functioning fine now, but I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this...
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    Froyo questions

    Hi, my NC is rooted, on 1.1, running the 1.1Ghz kernel (all backed up using CWM). I'd like to try installing Froyo on it next (I hate not having Flash); should I revert back to stock before trying this? Is there a version of Froyo that is the most stable? Or am I better off jumping to...
  8. J

    Problems installing SlideIt keyboard on my NC

    SlideIt won't install successfully through the Market, so I found and downloaded the APK, sideloaded to my NC's SDcard (the root), then tried to move it to system/app. However, it won't move (or c/p), and I've tried Astro and File Manager. Astro just won't move it, and File Manager gives an...
  9. J

    Touchscreen less responsive after reboot

    After a reboot, the touchscreen on my NC is much less sensitive/slower. If I let it 'rest' for a while, the speed comes back, but I'm wondering if this is a known issue and whether there's a fix for it?
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    How to stay logged in on Android Tablets app?

    I just installed the forums app on my NC, but it reverts me to "guest" whenever I switch to another app. Is there a way to stay logged in longer?