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    Need inexpensive tablet to work with Square reader!

    I know the Kindle Fire can take a headset jack. I know that's not exactly cheap, but it should work.
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    Android v4.0.3 does not work with external USB keyboard

    Are you saying the USB keyboards should work without any changing any settings on the tablets? That's not been my experience. I have several ICS tablets and none recognize thumb drives or USB keyboards. What am I doing wrong?
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    Pandigital Novel 9" firmware

    Pandigital never released an update for the Novels, but one hacker did add Android Market: The Digital Reader - The Best News and Info on eReaders and Tablets
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    Is 800x600 enough for an 8" eReader?

    The OS version matters because the min requirements (to run the apps you want) tend to creep up over time. CPU matters more for non-reading, true, but I started out just reading on tablets and now I use one for Twitter, email, RSS feeds, and Netflix. You might follow the same path, and I...
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    Is 800x600 enough for an 8" eReader?

    I'd be more interested in getting a current version of Android and a powerful enough CPU. I have a bunch of older Android tablets and while they have all sorts of screen resolutions, the real reason I don't use them now is the CPU and OS. The tablets are old and underpowered.
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    Affordable tablet for under privileged children

    think the best tablet in this price range is the IdolPad ($99). It has USB host but not 3G. Buy: Best Android Tablet PC Buy Android Tablet PC Cheap Android Tablet PC | Idolian my reviews: IdolPad First Impressions: Best $99 Tablet I’ve Seen Yet - The Digital Reader Review: $99 IdolPad...
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    Pandigital Novel How do I load games to this device?

    It doesn't have Android Market yet. You have to install it. I posted instructions a couple months back: New Firmware Update for the 9″ Pandigital Novel Adds Android Market - The Digital Reader
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    Renting Ebooks

    What ebook system is it? If your library is using Overdrive, then you probably want to go get the Android app from them. You can check out ebooks from inside the app. OverDrive – OverDrive Media Console
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    Bricked tablet, unknown model

    Is that a 10" screen? That tablet bears striking resemblance to my Wonder Media WM8650. The back, camera location, and ports are almost exactly the same on my tablet. I'd go ask in the Wonder Media forum.
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    Connecting a tablet to my MacBook

    I don't have a 2.2 tablet handy, but some require that you enble USB mode deliberately. Plug it in again to your Macbook. Go to the home screen and pull the menu bar from the top of the screen. Do you see an option that mentions USB? Click it.
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    Pandigital 9" Versions

    There's just the one version of the 9" Novel, but I'm told tht there is a B&N and a Kobo firmware. I like the touchscreen of 9" over the white 7".
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    New Lenovo K1 Tablet: Relentless Security Warning

    Welcome. Yes, that's one of the weird quirks with Android. It's OCD about the time and date but it won't actually set them for you.
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    Anyone knows how to root the pandigital 7" tablet?

    Which 7" Pandigital tablet? There's like 5 of them.
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    New Lenovo K1 Tablet: Relentless Security Warning

    Fix the time and date on your tablet.
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    Pandigital novel 9

    I'm not sure what you mean by unlock, but there is a hacked firmware. It includes root access as well as Android Market. New Firmware Update for the 9″ Pandigital Novel Adds Android Market - The Digital Reader
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    Anyone interested in hacking the Kyobo eReader (runs Android 2.3)?

    A little over a month ago Qualcomm and Kyobo (SK bookstore chain) released the first device with a Mirasol screen. I have one and it's pretty crappy. About a week ago Kyobo released a firmware update. It's about 170MB in size, and it looks like it's a complete update. Is anyone interested in...
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    New Coby Kyros 7012. Newbie - looking for links...

    I've written a couple posts that might help: Tablet Gift Guide – 2012 Edition - The Digital Reader Getting Started with a Cheap Android Tablet - The Digital Reader A good part of the posts no longer applies now that you have Marketplace installed.
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    Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet: Not quite as open as we thought

    I just checked the original XDA Forums thread nad it's been confirmed that the NT uses signed bootloaders. It looks like I was right in the first place.
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    Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet: Not quite as open as we thought

    My post might be 3 or 4 steps behind now, but it was current when I posted it. (I'm The Digital Reader) And I've also posted other stuff including a post about installing apps on the Nook Tablet.
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    Sony PRS T1 - An E-Ink Android Tablet?

    I was one of the first to hack my SR Wifi, and I have to say it's pretty sweet. Here are some instructions and a list of apps that I've tried: Sony Reader Hacked – Now Runs Kindle, ezPDF, and more (video) - The Digital Reader