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  1. Kahoolie

    Archos users I need your advice.....urgent

    I use mine to read all sorts of thongs: books, magazines, PDFs, HTML, etc. I find it at least as good as my 11 in. (4 lb.) laptop.
  2. Kahoolie

    Any advice on breainig into an Archos 101

    Gurgle, Thanks for the info. BTW, I looked at the screws w/ a microscope (30X). they are definitely a Torx, but were so mangled that a hex (Allen) wrench would probably fit better.
  3. Kahoolie

    Any advice on breainig into an Archos 101

    @Gurgle: What did you find wrong? How did the quality look inside?
  4. Kahoolie

    Help !!!

    See the thread "new user question" started by GWHamilton, I think it may answer your need.
  5. Kahoolie

    FYI:New Gen 8 Firmware release- 28,43,70,101 (Dec 16,2010)

    Got the 2.0.71update, & it's working well.
  6. Kahoolie

    Archos 101 - What is your board version?

    A101IT-V6 running 2.0.71 the only problems I have had are those listed for 2.0.54
  7. Kahoolie

    Getting a Archos 101 soon, what else do I need?

    Soopa83, thanks for the Info. One question: how much does it weigh? One of the reasons I went to a tablet was that I didn't want to put up with my laptop's weight. My briefcase is >20 lb w/o any computer, and it's a pain (literally) running thru an airport with it.
  8. Kahoolie

    Where to buy Archos in stock?

    All computers are obsolete within months (if not days) of introduction. The key is obtaining one what will salsify your needs in the most cost effective manner (sorry for the BizSpeak). Since many of us (me included) are new to tablets, IMHO the goal is to get one that: a) does not require...
  9. Kahoolie

    Archos for Christmas

    Good luck keeping it under the tree. (maybe you can just camp out under the tree and...)
  10. Kahoolie

    Day 5 of 5 Days of Christmas (the last day)

    A big THANK YOU to probbiethe1 and to all the sponsors of the 5 days of Christmas. I appreciate all the effort that has gone into the event. again, thanks/
  11. Kahoolie

    Looking for a tablet, need help

    An Archos 101 (8Gb model for ~ $300) would be a good buy IMHO. I have one (~2weeks) and other than the lack of Flash I'm very happy with it. Note that Flash is promised Real Soon Now.
  12. Kahoolie

    Day 4 of 5 Days of Christmas

    mpit52's evolution idea is my favorite, with 'I [heart] Android T shirt running a distant second.
  13. Kahoolie

    Day 3 of 5 Days of Christmas

    Heck, this would be great for anyone.
  14. Kahoolie

    Google Books for Android

    Not using it yet, but I'll give it a try.
  15. Kahoolie

    Archos Alternatives?

    Archos still seems to be having capacity issues for their shipments. However, If you get on a waiting list, it will get there. Got mine (101 8Gb) a week or so ago.
  16. Kahoolie

    Android Tablet Suggestions ~ $200

    My Archos 101 matches your specs & cost $308, incl shipping from Global computer.
  17. Kahoolie

    Day 1 of 5 days of Christmas

    Of course! Mugs, car mug (android w/ removable head?) and mist definitely a case of some kind.
  18. Kahoolie

    Loading epub documents on an Archos tablet

    My Archos 101 came with Aldiko preloaded.
  19. Kahoolie

    Where to buy Archos in stock?

    just got mine today. Love it! More later....
  20. Kahoolie

    Archos 70 Accessories

    dragonfire, Which stylus do you have?