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    Hello, from Indiana

    See if you can access itunes university there are courses in android programming
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    Trying to Download a Train App for China Trains

    I reasearched and found that filters are placed on apps for the google play store. My issue is that there is an app for china trains that i'm able to access thru the google play on a chinese android phone, but cannot locate that app on the samsung tablet. Now the phone requirements show that sms...
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    Question About NFL Mobile

    Give it another try if you have not already done so its there now
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    the issue seems to focus around support for wep.
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    Flashing Android/Windows CE Firmware to Zenithink ZT-180

    it depends on what version you are trying to install if its android 2.2 you can use the TF card
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    has anybody got wifi working after upgrading to android 2.2

    seems that people who have verizon fios with wep is not working unless you change the security to open but then you share the wifi with everybody in your neighborhood. so anybody got any workarounds with verizon fios
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    I can not get teh device 10 to light up green to do any changes to the zenithink 180

    try this site for instructions on installing windows ce Chinese Digitals Community
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    my epad wont boot

    1) so you have tried the reset and that didn't help 2) have you tried reflashing the unit
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    Android epad screen issue

    first, you could try reflashing the rom. see site on "zenithink usa" for instructions on how to do this.
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    Help on connection

    what version of the os are you using. i know that with zt-180 version 1 people can connect with build 1024 or greater. i'm having trouble connecting with android 2.2 builds to wifi.
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    Any recommendations: 10" Android 2.2 Tablet???

    take a look at the zenithink zt-180. i have version 1 and have upgraded to android 2.2.
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    Travel Tablet

    one thing you should consider whether the tablet works with skype. it seems that some tablets cannot work properly with skype lucky for me i could not get my apple iphone to take a foreign sim card so i lived off skype when abroad
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    Problem with skype

    nope, welcome to the club try looking for skype lite that might work
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    Travel Tablet

    so why the desire for the 3g. if you travel overseas most folks just look for a wifi connection. personally right now i would stick with your ipad since you can get the camera connection kit to use with the sd card.
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    Trouble with sd card zt 180 android 2.2

    looks like you have to reflash the device
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    Trouble with sd card zt 180 android 2.2

    just to make sure you looked under "settings -> sd card & device storage" and you didn't see the option to format the sd card
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    Where to buy in Orlando

    i take it you mean orlando, fl, usa. if so there is a national chain called best buy that carries a few major brand tablets, but why don't you buy it online
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    unlocking pattern

    use the search and for the word "unlock" there are many threads on this
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    touchscreen calibration

    if you have android 2.1 see if you can access adw settings. if you have android 2.2 there was an app called calibrate preloaded
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    HI All! Got a rather old tablet and want to play with it before my Ipad 2 arrives

    download the app "quick system info pro" this will provide the cpu information