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    Dedicated Home Button

    While I agree with the general sentiment that it is another mechanical thing that can break on the player, I actually find it to be very convenient for listening to music in the car. By hitting the home button, the player instantly awakes and the music player controls overlay on top of the lock...
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    Phone to Tablet teather?

    Unfortunately, budget/no contract providers that piggy back on other Carriers' networks (such as Virgin Mobile which uses the Sprint network and is actually owned by Sprint) don't typically officially support tethering (even for a fee) or other 'advanced' data usage features even if the hardware...
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    Phone to Tablet teather?

    While it is true that Froyo (2.2) natvely supports wifi hotspot, most cell carriers have the feature disabled and locked out on non-rooted phones running stock firmware roms. On the sprint network, you have to pay an extra $30/month to activate the wifi hotspots feature on your unmodified...
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    Galaxy Player 5.0?

    To answer your question - the player accepts only microSD cards which I think are limited to 32gb at this time. Sent from my SPH-P100
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    Finaly! Transformer came in mail today

    First fully charge the tab (and keyboard dock if you got that) before you first power on to fully condition and calibrate the battery. Then download and install the latest Asus OTA updates (they should be pushed to your tab within a few minutes of setting up your gmail/Google account settings on...
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    Does Galaxy Tab output to a monitor?

    The non-wifi only versions of the original galaxy tab support both HDMI output (via the multimedia dock accessory) and composite A/V out via an accessory cable that plugs into the tab's dock connector. Both accessories are.Samsung products. Note that DRM protected video clips cannot be passes...
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    EEE Transformer 2 release date?

    There is going to be an official announcement by Asus around Nov 7 re: the transformer 2. Sent from my YP-G70 using Android Tablet Forum
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    Upgrading to gingerbread?

    Depends on which model you have (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mob, WiFi, GSM Unlocked). Right now only the Sprint model has an officially released and OTA transmitted GB update in the US. With the others you either have to take a wait and see approach that the carriers or Samsung (in the case of the...
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    1GB RAM + Internal 16GB + External SD 16GB management

    I use the galaxy tab more as my on the go/mobile device (GPS/car entertainment system/news reader/quick games/short video feeds) because of the convenience of the 7" form factor. I use the transformer at home or on trips like used to use my netbook: web browser, posting to web forums, authoring...
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    1GB RAM + Internal 16GB + External SD 16GB management

    Thanks for the kind words. Regarding the continuous advices/notifications for apps that can be moved to SD - are you actually getting nag messages on your Transformer notifications bar? I haven't seen that. That might be indicative of an apps2SD assistance utility (standalone or built into...
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    1GB RAM + Internal 16GB + External SD 16GB management

    The transformer (and most Android 3.x tabs) seamlessly manage apps between RAM and internal memory which it treats like Froyo and Gingerbread phones treat an external SD card card using apps2sd. At present Android 3.x tabs do not use external SD cards for app storage only RAM and internal...
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    Can the Wifi 4.0 and 5.0 get there sub-forum?

    What method did you use to root it? Sent from my SPH-P100
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    Can the Wifi 4.0 and 5.0 get there sub-forum?

    Is there any way you can cancel that order? The versions being officially released in US in mid-October will have Gingerbread 2.3.5 vice 2.2.2 that resellers are offering now. FWIW. Sent from my SPH-P100
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    New Firmware Update and App

    Yeah, that's what I was getting at. I was trying to ascertain whether he had something installed that would be broken while he temporarily unrooted to install the update, but I guess I wasn't clear enough. Sounds like he just wants to run hacked anyway. His new ROM must be based on the latest...
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    Transformer won't connect to my Csco Linksys E1200 Router

    Also, sometimes simply rebooting the router will help. Sent from my SPH-P100
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    New Firmware Update and App

    Do you need root for a reason? If not, try unrooting and then attempt the update. Root may be affecting a configuration file that the update wants to see with a certain checksum. Sent from my SPH-P100
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    Can the Wifi 4.0 and 5.0 get there sub-forum?

    FWIW The Woot version of the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 came with Froyo 2.2.1 - but the soon to be released US version will have Gingerbread 2.3.5. Someone must have been dumping stock in anticipation of the Gingerbread release. Despite this, I love my Woot Galaxy S WiFi 5, especially since it was...
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    New APPs that we need - is ASUS listening?

    If you still WANT it (though now acknowledging that you don't NEED it) after myself and others have taken the time to respond to your post and explain why the feature is really not necessary on an Android 3.x tablet (because it seamlessly manages apps that "take up memory") then there not much...
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    Can the Wifi 4.0 and 5.0 get there sub-forum?

    +1 for a Galaxy S WiFi subforum. As you can see see from my sig, I am using my 5.0 WiFi to type this (that's the official Samsung device model mumber below). Just received it from Woot a little over a day ago and am loving it. Have its big brother the Sprint 7" Galaxy tab and I think they...
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    Galaxy Tab 7-Inch WiFi Only - Frequent Restarts Needed

    I've encountered this a few times and have found the culprit to usually be an app update that can affect Bluetooth functionality (such as the Bluetooth controlled skip song function in Pandora). If the Bluetooth stack isn't shut down cleanly it will go into palace land, hobbling up CPU cycles...