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    Day 5 of 5 Days of Christmas (the last day)

    Sounds good...
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    Pandawill Gpad G10 -- Battery Issues

    I have a G10, and my experiences are identical to yours. If you check out the forums on, you will see that what you describe is very typical. I don't think it is a problem with the battery, but with the monitoring software - it just isn't very accurate. I also get 4 to 5 hours...
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    Looking for a $100 tablet for my girlfriend

    You don't get much of a tablet for just $100...
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    Is there any way to get streaming video?

    I have tested the Skyfire browser and found it to be pretty hit-or-miss when it comes to handling Flash sites. If the OP can hold off on a purchase, I'd say wait a few months; there are a lot of changes happening right now and I expect we'll see some really great new tablets by around March or so.
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    How well does it work? I will try from a different Windows XP computer later tonight.
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    Well, that wasn't very successful...
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    I will play with this today to see how well it works. I've tried installing the official SDK emulator and found it very disappointing...
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    Should i buy?

    Exactly what I was going to write; you get what you pay for, and with the Galaxy you get a lot....
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    Decent Article on How To Avoid Bad Tablets

    Good article... Funny!
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    Recommendations for a tablet

    I bought a Gpad G10. It meets all of your MUSTS; it was delviered with working Market, YouTube, etc. Touch screen is resistive but decent. Price was about $200 with shipping.
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    What tablet is this?

    It has a VIA processor. I've read that those are slow and should be avoided. The specs say Android 1.9 - which isn't a real release, so I would be concerned that the seller has no idea what he/she is really selling. It's only $125; cheap - but you get what you pay for. I would personally...
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    my new toy.

    Looks like your typical generic Chinese tablet. Did it come with Google Market or Youtube installed and working?
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    GPAD G10 Firmware query

    What version of firmware do you have now, and why do you want to upgrade it? Remember, if it ain't broke don't fix it!
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    netbook or tablet

    I agree 100% - if you're going to get a Chinese no-name tablet, at least pay the extra $50 to get the faster processor, more RAM, Android 2.1+, etc.
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    Should I buy this?

    When buying from an eBay seller, always check out the reputation. Always! This particular seller looks decent: Well over 2000 sales and almost all are positive. Telechips 800MHz processor, 256 MB RAM... seems decent to me. The posting claims the item is located in the UK. Before bidding, I...
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    netbook or tablet

    Tablets aren't designed for a lot of keying. If you mean that you occasionally have to fire off two-sentence emails, get a tablet; if you have to type up notes or papers for your classes, get a netbook.
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    Excited, flood of Acer tablets, hoping for a good price

    A friend of mine was asking what Android tablet she should buy - she has seen me using my Gpad G10 and really likes it. I've cautioned her that unless buyers are really tech-savvy, they should wait for tablets to come from major brand name sellers so that there is decent service and support.
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    Tablets without a future?

    I'd be more worried about the battery dying and being not easily replaceable than about the hardware or software becoming outdated.
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    the Power/Battery/Charger thread

    Most of the 7" tablets seem to be getting about 4 hours with WiFi browsing and light usage. Playing games seems to put more of a strain on the processor and display, and reduces the battery time significantly.
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    Dropad D10 - 7" TCC8902 Capacitive iPhone 4

    Hurrah for Chinglish!