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  1. JamesP

    I Absolutely LOVE This Tablet!!!

    I figured roughly the same: this device wasn't the spawn of a new form factor craze but rather an experiment that would yield love it/meh reactions...I was surprised that AT&T had given it benediction and carried it. But again, come hell or high water I knew when I saw this I would eventually...
  2. JamesP

    I Absolutely LOVE This Tablet!!!

    I work for a tablet manufacturer and as soon as I saw it I thought the same: niche product; however I figured the playstore functionality would give it more cache but I think the high price and the sort of "expanded pilot program" feel scared people off. Frankly, had it not dropped to $180, I...
  3. JamesP

    I Absolutely LOVE This Tablet!!!

    The gadgetry factor of it blinds people to the utility of it. What I mean by that is that this tablet is more about usefulness than sexy gadget, although it does both well. I don't need any case as it folds up into its own which then fits in my pocket(s) and I can take it with me and do work...
  4. JamesP

    I Absolutely LOVE This Tablet!!!

    I saw it at CES this year and wanted to snatch it from the guy doing the demo and make a run for it. Glad I waited because I got it for $189 from Fry's on Black Friday (I wasn't Black Friday shopping per se....I had the day off and was driving by @ 11:30am so I stopped in to waste time). There...
  5. JamesP

    New Tablet Won't Charge

    There are a few out there that do. In fact one of the tablets we make charges via USB off the PC. I guess we make Chinese tablets too, but save for Korean MFGs, which tablets aren't made in China?
  6. JamesP

    Using Tablet With No WiFi Internet Available

    As someone who has to support Android consumer electronics I cannot endorse the selection of a MiFi device enough. The ease of use plus the comparable $$ output makes the MiFi device a no-brainer where they are offered and they are fairly secure; certainly for my AT&T Elevate security isn't an...
  7. JamesP

    How to Connect Huawei E1750 to Android Tablet

    Does the modem have Android drivers?
  8. JamesP

    teach me for rooting my AOC BREEZE MW0812 please

    Have you tried the various ROM Managers available on Google Play? Also...Android 2.3.5 is coming out for the's passed testing already....just waiting for web team to upload the archive.
  9. JamesP

    Good cheap chinese tablet brands?

    As in life, you get what you pay for. If you pay for a cheap generic tablet, expect a cheap generic experience.
  10. JamesP

    Which one of these is proving reliable??

    Both my AOC Breeze MW0731 and MW0831 perform quite well; with the MALI 400 and IPS on the MW0831, I am very happy save for the lack of a rear facing camera.
  11. JamesP

    3G Connectivity

    Is it me or do a significant number of people have issues using 3G USB modems with their Rockchip devices generally and the 3066-based devices specifically? I am working on getting our products to support 3G connectivity for those markets where MiFi devices haven't yet caught on and am trying...
  12. JamesP

    ICS on my MW0821 (RK2918)

    The 512mb RAM is limiting but if you manicure your cache you can manage a satisfactory experience. There will be an MW0821+ available soon which I have put ICS onto here in the office and it responds very nicely.
  13. JamesP

    AOC Breeze MW821

    Hello There Yes, I work in the tablet department here at AOC. There is a 2.3.5 upgrade available for the MW0821 on and there is soon to be an ICS 4.0.4 update available too (early to mid September). Also, here is a link to the AOC Breeze Support Forums for the MW0821...
  14. JamesP

    RK2918 Tablet Won't Connect to Computer?

    What OS on your PC?
  15. JamesP

    RK2918 Google CTS 2.3.5

    Hello All, I was hoping to find a canonical list of chipmakers which have been certified by passing the CTS, specifically RockChip 2918. Unfortunately tracking it down via the regular means hasn't helped. Regards, James
  16. JamesP

    Hello Everyone

    I just joined the site and look forward to sharing information and learning much from everyone here. In the interest of full disclosure, I work for a tablet maker not listed in the list of manufacturers and will do my best to prevent my bias from creeping into my posts. Anyway, hello to...