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  1. Dee73

    to Tab S 8.4 or Nexus 9

    Hey guys, I've been looking to move on from my nexus 7 2013 to maybe the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 but saw the Nexus 9. I know specs don't tell the whole story but what would make me purchase the nexus 9 over the tab S? I'm leaning towards the the Tab cause if the expandable storage and as screen but...
  2. Dee73


    Hey everyone, glad to be part of the site. I've been a android fan for quite some time, first device was a HTC hero (European version) and since been hooked. I've had Droid incredible, Asus transformer 101 and infinity, nexus 7 and 7 2013 version, currently have a galaxy s3 and looking forward...
  3. Dee73

    Love all gadgets android!

    Love all gadgets android!