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  1. twees

    Movies on a tablet for novices

    oh you use avis? i've been ripping them as mp4 and they are quite shite to be honest...but viewable lol.
  2. twees

    Lindsay, From NZ

    i have a mid 7'' wm8505 and i use it for an ereader, to browse the web and to listen to pandora and for the price its great...i paid 137 USD shipped.
  3. twees

    Can't Connect To Android Market App

    you can always try slideme or search for apk files and sideload them...thats what i have to do and it works ok!
  4. twees

    New 7" Tablet PC MID 1.3MP Webcam 2GB 256MB WIFI Google Android 1.8.2

    get the aldiko reader and side-load it or install the slideme app and install from there. its great!
  5. twees

    How to do update firmware Update

    unrar...copy the entire script folder to a blank SD card. plug your tablet in but make sure it is powered off. put in the sd card. turn unit on and leave it plugged in. follow the on screen prompts when it tells you remove the sd card.
  6. twees

    How do you play video on an Android Tablet? need some help please

    two4one what were the settings you used for encode. i am having same issue with my tablet!
  7. twees

    Movies on a tablet for novices

    so i have the via wm8505 7'' tablet. i know that it sucks for video but i have been able to get one video to play lovely...evil dead! but i can't get any others to play. i get sound but no video. ive tried matching the specs to evil dead to transcode but it doesnt seem to work. any suggestions...
  8. twees

    how to get apps like youtube or pandora that aren't available on slideme?

    thanks for the help fellow droiders!
  9. twees

    how to get apps like youtube or pandora that aren't available on slideme?

    so i have a tablet with a non-working marketplace but i want apps like pandora radio and youtube, but whenever i look for them i get links that direct me to pages to download from the marketplace, which would be great but i dont have a working marketplace. how do i go about getting the apk's of...
  10. twees

    flashing firmware...question

    the flytouch/epad/ heres the deal. i had to let it die, completely drain the battery and then i was able to flash the firmware. i went to bed feeling super defeated last night, but i took probbies advice, sort of :) i just left it alone to do its thing, which ultimately meant it died...
  11. twees

    flashing firmware...question

    now i get the new android logo then it goes to a green square and does nothing. im going to try to letting it power down. i pray it works.
  12. twees

    flashing firmware...question

    this is making me so sad. i was so excited for my tablet. i put it into hibernate and then it wouldnt come out of hibernate. it rebooted and then it wouldnt go past the boot screen...same thing, progress bar freeze. i was told by daniel at euogo to flash with new firmware which he gave me and i...
  13. twees

    flashing firmware...question

    ok im going to cry...this is not gets to upgrading file-system and then hangs. forever. WHY!!!!????? ugh.
  14. twees

    flashing firmware...question

    i had to flash the firmware on my tablet cos i messed it up by putting it into hibernate...its been at "please wait" for a couple of minutes...the little blue taskbar thing isn't moving either. is this normal?
  15. twees

    Hi From Virginia

    I put my device into hibernate and now it will not come out of hibernation...looks like I'm going to be updating the firmware. I cant get it past the cute little android boot screen lol.
  16. twees

    Help Needed with Google Android Tablet E-reader

    I am also with the folks saying Aldiko is the way to go. Its a great reader and I am an avid ebook reader myself. I use the free Calibre conversion software...calibre - E-book management and convert all my ebooks that aren't already epub files to epub format and import and presto! It's a bit of...
  17. twees

    Hi everyone, So I wanted to post my review about my experience buying from I know when I was in the market to purchase a tablet, I scoured the site looking for someone who had actually bought one and what the experience was like and to my dismay, I only found fragments here and there...
  18. twees

    best ebook, comic, pdf reader apps?

    Aldiko and the freedownload from Calibres website to convert = awesome!
  19. twees

    Hello From Connecticut :)

    well shipping has cleared customs on the 5th and its out of customs on the 6th. NY is a friggin hour away from new york. why isn't it here yet!
  20. twees

    best ebook, comic, pdf reader apps?

    i wish stanza would just make an android app already. ;)