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    No Love For The Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70?

    Hi There, My wife's Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, running an outdated version of CyanogenMod (the maintainer bailed, quite some time ago) looks like it's dead. She remembered seeing a Costco advert for a clearance on a Lenovo tablet running "Pure Android." So last night I began my research. Found...
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    ES File explorer question

    Long-press on the file you wish to rename and the option will appear. Jim
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    CyanogenMod Installer Now Available on Google Play Store

    Executive Summary: Google won't "encourage" suppliers of devices using its Android OS to update relatively recent devices and neither they, nor Google, want anybody else to do so, either. Just makes you want to go right out and pay several hundred dollars for an Android device that will be...
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    How to stop Google from using your Plus profile as caller ID

    I have a different solution: Don't sign up for Google+. Google is annoying me anew, lately. "Google Services" on my handset occasionally goes wonky for a day or two and starts consuming battery like there's no tomorrow. So I've been whacking Google bits right-and-left. I'm down to syncing...
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    CyanogenMod Installer Now Available on Google Play Store

    Yup. I don't know the CM universe well... or at all, actually. My Samsung GT2 is running it, but that's about it. So, with that caveat out of the way: I've been following the Samsung GT2 and HTC Sensation forums over at CM. Well, was, anyway. I stopped. Nothing to follow. Was watching the...
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    CyanogenMod Installer Now Available on Google Play Store

    Not a complaint, mind you, but more an observation: Looks like all, or nearly all, of the supported devices are newer ones. Arguably: It's the older devices that need CM most, as both the manufacturers and wireless companies tend to abandon them. Jim
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    Samsung Working on a 12.2-Inch Galaxy Note Tablet for Early Next Year

    I think that's bigger than I'd want in a tablet. I think I've hit my limit with a 10" tablet--and even that sometimes seems too big. I had, still have, actually, an 8" tablet. I wouldn't want to go any smaller. Even then: Going back-and-forth between that and my 10" tablet: The 8" seems...
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    Samsung tablet Wi-Fi

    WiFi is WiFi. Even if it's an Apple device. Jim
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    Samsung Busted for Paying People to Criticize HTC Products

    *snort* Yeah, right. Pull the other one. It's got bells on. Jim
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    Bluetooth Earphone?

    I've had the best luck with Motorola Bluetooth earpieces, from a functionality standpoint. Unfortunately, the first pair my wife and I had died early deaths. But the HX550 I have now is holding up. I suppose you mean "without an extended mic boom?" A Bluetooth earpiece w/o a mic wouldn't be...
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    Samsung Planning to Kill Off Unofficial Accessories?

    Dear Samsung, You've already got a couple strikes against you, in my book. That's one reason my wife and I own HTC handsets, rather than Samsungs. This will just add another strike. Jim
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    Audio Problems with Vizio Tablet

    No clue, Serla. You could try a factory reset (save any data you have, first, and you'll have to re-install, re-configure everything afterward), but this is kind of sounding like a hardware problem, to me. Good luck, Jim
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    Looking For Advice on Security Apps for Tablets

    If you get your apps from the app store, only apps that have "history" and your device isn't rooted: Is such a thing actually necessary? My wife and I have been using tablets for two years, without issue. Our handhelds came with Lookout, so I've left it. Jim
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    Vtab Still Going!

    FWIW: Out of idle curiousity I just checked Vizio's Facebook page. Scrolled down maybe a half dozen of so pages. No mention of any Android tablet. All I saw was MS-Win stuff. Glad I didn't wait any longer. Jim
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    Coby Electronics Sold: "Value Brand" Doesn't Equal Success

    “As a niche market leader for over 25 years, Coby’s brand recognition... "? TBH: I never heard of "Coby" before I came to these forums. Jim
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    Bluetooth Keyboard Not Showing Up Cyanogenmod 10.2

    Glad you got it working. Can't help you with the delete key thing. Have no clue. My keyboard has a backspace key. Jim
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    Bluetooth Keyboard Not Showing Up Cyanogenmod 10.2

    FWIW: Just to be certain: I tried my Anker Ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard again this morning. Paired-up and worked fine. But, again: That's with CM 10.1.3, not 10.2. Jim
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    Bluetooth Keyboard Not Showing Up Cyanogenmod 10.2

    Sorry you're having the problem :( My Anker Bluetooth keyboard just paired-up and worked. I presume you went through the re-pairing procedure? Uhm... waitaminute... 10.2? 10.2 isn't a stable release. Why are you doing that? Jim
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    Vtab Still Going!

    They also show it, or they were, on their web site. Last I knew, tho, there was no product or any product launch announcement. They did the same thing last year: Showed a tablet at CES, then never produced it. I tired of waiting for something that might never come and bought another Samsung...
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    Vtab Still Going!

    When my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 ran out of battery while I was reading a book, one night, I put it on the charger and grabbed my VTAB1008. When I'd last been using it, it had gotten real slow. So I wiped it, installed only Moon+ reader and Dropbox, and was able to pick up right where I left off :)...