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  1. ZilverZurfarn

    Android Newbie

    A) is probably impossible - Android has its own browser even if there is a FireFox version in the works (along with other 3rd party browsers like Opera). But a web site will still not see the browser as a Windows FireFox (or Opera or...) and will probably not work as intended. However, most...
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    root question

    The SuperUser app is a sign of root, yes, but not having the SuperUser app does not mean you don't have root. (Many negations there, but in a less roundabout way: You may well have root without the SuperUser app. The $/# prompt change in Terminal is the best sign of if you have root or not.)
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    Help for my new Apad iRobot

    Head over to slatedroid (if it's up at the moment (which it on closer inspection isn't)). There (in the forum) you'll find rooted firmware for various versions of the aPad. Don't expect much tho - As the file system of the aPad is readonly (regardless of root or not) there's not much you can do...
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    Help for my new Apad iRobot

    Why aren't you satisfied with the OS version it came with? What do you expect a later Android version will add? You can install apps by putting them on your SD card - "cracked" or not (not that I condone stealing software) and install them with APK manager (or "Explorer" or most any file...
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    How do I get Wifi Status without market?

    Try some alternate market like AppBrain
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    Tablet Market App help

    It wont do you no good, as you must have a complete firmware that has Android Market enabled. But if you want to pursue this line of investigation, the market app is "vending.apk" - I'm sure you'll find it floating around the web with some Googling.
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    Go to the Android market

    Take a look at - View topic - Operation Unbrickable: The quest for Google Apps
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    Haipad apps not working and amazon kindle..

    Depends on what Android version you have. Kindle requires 1.6 or later.
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    Sim card for tablets

    Hope I won't have to meet you on the road - Video conferencing sounds like a dangerous driving habit ;).
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    Sim card for tablets

    Some tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab comes to mind) has built in 3G/phone capabilities (and take a std SIM card). Some tablets can be tethered to a phone (data connection), but not to utilize voice call capabilities.
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    need recommendation for tablet

    ...if the hardware is up to Adobe's specs. rich Internet applications | Adobe Flash Player system requirements
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    Hello :) Which tablet to get?

    Yes, if you need some feature(s) of 2.1 that 1.5 doesn't provide, or need some apps that require 2.1 to install/run. I'd personally settle for 1.6, since on the same hardware, there's (imo) not that much improvements in the user end. Later versions require better hardware, and many are...
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    add new window in the browser ...

    There should be a menu option Windows where you'll find a list and/or miniatures of open windows. Of course, this is dependent on Android version and browser app.
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    Hello :) Which tablet to get?

    Don't expect anything to ever be updated beyond what it's delivered with. This is especially true for Chinese stuff. For this particular device, Rockchip actually had promised an update from 1.5 to 2.1, but soon took that promise back. There are some community project for 3rd party firmware, but...
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    New, Need Help, Generic maybe P.O.S.

    Because they are (mostly) made by obscure manufacturers, distributed thru obscure channels.
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    difference between Gpad, Epad, Apad, or Irobot? or same device different names...

    All those names are just made-up by Chinese manufacturers/distributors. I guess they look at the most popular search terms (in Google or eBay or whatever sales channel they prefer) and use whatever comes up on top. By no means do they have any relation to what's inside (or outside for that...
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    Android Tablet Questions

    Not only Android 2.2 and later - You also need a specific CPU: rich Internet applications | Adobe Flash Player system requirements Basically Cortex A8 (ARMv7) @ >=550 MHz My T-Mo G1 runs FroYo 2.2, but no Flash for me...
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    New, Need Help, Generic maybe P.O.S.

    Have you looked at this?
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    New, Need Help, Generic maybe P.O.S.

    Without pics, that "I/O port" and "Ethernet Adapter" make me think FlyTouch (or clone). The VIA chipset tablets are sluggish. They powered the very first generation of Android tablets, and are still in use in the cheaper models. You shouldn't worry about the package value - on the contrary...
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    Tethering with my APAD G10

    Problem is, Android isn't meant to connect to adhoc networks. Adhocable, as mentioned, fixes this, but afaik it only works on "genuine" aPads (Rockchip tablets).