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    Pandigital Screen Protector

    has anyone tired the 9 in. My brother just got one. How's the fit?
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    For the people wanting youtube

    nice, thanks. I need to check into this forum more
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    Pandigital Screen Protector

    Word of warning, do not clean these with windex, just use the spray bottle. I just read it can eat the coating. The spray bottle is just water and dish soap so if it runs out just refill it.
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    White Pandigital Novel 75% off !!! (Ended the 2nd week of Jan. 11)

    Wish I saw this before I bought mine.
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    Pandigital Screen Protector

    It's pretty neat stuff, not like the plastic stuff you get in packs of 20.
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    Everything you wanted to know about the Motorola Xoom

    If it is truely capable of outputting 1080p thats impressive. My evo cant seem to do 720p without coming out of sync with the audio..
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    Cisco announces new Android Tablet

    Ooo I like the Cisco Cius HD.. the speaker on the front is nice
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    The Tablets of CES

    I think the Xoom was my fav. If I ever get frustrated with my pandigital, I will probably go with that
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    Pandigital Screen Protector

    There was also some smuggy look to it, but that went away after a day of so. Just had to dry out I guess.
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    Pandigital Screen Protector

    I got a 7" white pandigital for chistmas and headed to the mall to snag some accessories. I guess it isn't huge yet, but I did find one store that sold screen protectors for it that reduced finger prints. Pandigital Novel eReader Tablet Screen Protector [Pandigital Novel eReader Tablet Screen...
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    Angry Birds for Spica Works!

    Nice thanks!